Mark of Cain

After Cain was exiled to the land of Nod for murdering his brother, God decreed that anyone who harmed him would be punished seven times worse than Cain himself. I’m wondering, did the people who tried to harm Cain also receive their own Mark of Cain?

Think about this. Anyone who harms Cain would be punished seven times over. Anyone who harms someone who harmed Cain would be punished 49 times worse than Cain. The third person would be harmed 343 times worse, and so on. Exponents being what they are, the 25th person down the line would receive a curse 1,341,068,619,663,964,900,807 times worse than Cain’s original punishment, which is the type of curse that makes Satan himself shake his head and say, “Ouch dude, that sucks!”

And how does one quantify Cain’s curse, anyway? Were crops seven times less likely to grow for the Cain-harmers? Were they cursed to wander seven times further away?

And what did Cain’s mark look like, exactly? It would need to be a symbol which somehow communicates to any passerby: “Dude’s been cursed – GOD” and “Don’t touch my homeboy or you’ll get it even worse.” That’s a rather complicated message to communicate without the use of language (since writing hadn’t been invented yet – the earliest known Sumerian cuneiform tablets didn’t appear until centuries after the Earth’s Creation in 4,004 B.C.) At least the Tower of Babel Incident hadn’t happened yet, so it wouldn’t need to be translated into any other languages.

The bigger question is, who else was there to harm him? According to Genesis, Adam and Eve were the first people, and Cain and Abel were their sons.

Of course, the Bible also says Cain found a wife in the land of Nod, too.

Well, the Bible does say that Adam lived for 930 years and had many sons and daughters, though it’s silent on whether or not they were all via Eve, or even if women lived as long as men in those days. (And if so, did women enter menopause at the same age as today, or were they able to bear children well into their 900’s?) I’d imagine many of those children would want to seek revenge on the man who killed their older brother, even if it was by another older brother.

Of course this means the descendents of Adam & Eve were horribly inbred, which actually explains a lot about the human race.

The explanation that seems to make the most sense for a fantasy story is that Adam and Eve were the first humans God made… but that doesn’t mean they were the only ones he made. After the expulsion, God started making humans like a playdoh factory.

It’s a royal blue number 6 on the back of his shirt.

I grew up in the Mormon church. Don’t worry, I got over it.

We were taught that the mark of Cain was black skin.

I am sure the church wouldn’t admit it now. But that was the way it was back then.

My mom tried to teach me that one as well. But I knew better (it’s slanty eyes, like you make while you’re rising up against your brother in the field).

As for the inbreeding thing, I’ve heard it advanced: Adam and Eve were genetically perfect when they were created. Therefore their children were very nearly genetically perfect, having only those mutations incurred as A&E aged and which they themselves would have suffered. The adverse effects of inbreeding wouldn’t really manifest until after many generations of mutation.

Not the “Curse of Ham?”

CMC fnord!

I’m a Christian, but I believe much of what happened in Genesis (especially as relates to Adam and Eve) is mythology.