I’m trying to figure this one out for myself. The rules of the marketplace state that you have to be a member, charter member, or on the board to post a thread there. OK, got it so far, but several “guests” have started their own threads without them being shut down. My question is, would it be alright for me to start a thread promoting my wife’s digital scrapbooking business?

Thanks in advance

I’m guessing the “guests” are probably people who were already members or charter members at the time that they made the topic (and have let their subscription since lapse to “Guest”)…in which case, no special favors were ever given to any other guest (as you might be thinking).

oh, didn’t think any special favors were given. Just that it might not be locked down as tight as I was thinking. But if it’s the case that you have to be a member, I may have to sign up. Been thinking about it this time around anyhow.

I’m one of the moderators of the Marketplace. Idle Thoughts is exactly right. Users that have been members and have let their subscriptions lapse.

We check any new threads that come up. I’m pleased that there is very little moderating we have to do there.

Hope that explains it. Glad you’re considering joining us and supporting this great community.


that is IF I figure out HOW to join…still trying to find the magic button.

Click on the upper left where it says User CP (user control panel). From there, scroll down and click Paid Subscriptions (towards the bottom on the left side). This should bring you to the available subscriptions. Click on the drop down menu under the Straight Dope Board Membership section and choose 1 year or 2 years and follow the on-screen prompts from there.

Thank you kindly engineer comp geek. Much appreciated. Feels good being a member again. Good times…good times…