Marlboro Marijuana?

I heard that when marijuana first came legal for medical reasons, RJ Reynolds and other cigarette companies bought up a whole lot of land for future crops when it becomes 100% legal (or so everybody thought it would sooner or later). Along with this, that they also had plans to put a little bit of the stuff into cigarettes now so that they are subconsiously getting us used to it for when the time comes they hit the market. Anybody hear of this or should I stay away from those conspiracy theory websites?

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I can believe that they bought up land for the future prodcution of pot, but not that they put it in cigs now. It’d be pretty easy to detect. And I doubt that the company would continue to “reserve” land for pot, since the perfectly legal tobacco industry is raking in plenty of money. I don’t know the timeline on this, that may shed a bit of light.

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There’s an UL (which isn’t listed on Snopes that I can find) that all the tobacco companies had copyrighted various names like Acopoco Gold and the like for the day when pot’s legalized. I’ve never seen anything to confirm that, nor do I believe it. After all, if the anti-smoking crowd got hold of that information, they’d use it to further their cause in shutting down the tobacco companies.

Marlboro Purple is the name that I heard (as far as Marlboro’s version of it anyways). I also heard years and years ago that they already had the land set aside for it, but never that they were putting pot into the cigs now. In fact if they were doing it as you stated, to get people used to it, I’d have a problem with that (as far as it being the truth). That’s like putting alcohol in the soda during prohibition “to get people used to it.” There’s really no reason for it, plenty of people are already quite used to it, and will have no problem buying it the day it goes on sale.

It’s hard to say exactly what the tobacco companies are up to. They concealed for decades the fact that they knew all about the addictive and carcinogenic properties of cigarettes. However, considering their massive power in Congress, you’d think pot would be legal already if they wanted it to be. The big profit element in marijuana comes from prohibition itself. It’s hard to find pot smokers who suck down 40 joints a day, as tobacco smokers do.

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You might be smoking some of that Marlboro Marijuana in Las Vegas, Nevada sometime soon.

Proposition 9 - allowing personal possession and use of up to 3 ounces (not grams) of marijuana is on the ballot.
Currently, 53% of those polled are voting YES.

If this passes (and it looks like it will), it still has to pass again on a ballot in two years for this to take effect. Then it will become legal in Nevada. They are already making plans how to tax it, and sell it in liquor stores.

I’ll let you know the ballot results after the upcoming election.

I’ve been making jokes for years about “Marlboro Golds” Those who remember what a pack of Malboro 100’s looked like a few years ago, will know of what I think. I’ve never heard the purple.
I figgure it this way…The Gov’t steadly taxing and the courts allowing settlements, the tobacco companies are steadily being run out of business. Who better to start the Comercial Marajuana industry? They have the land, processing plants, equiptment and trained employees.

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You probably won’t be finding it there soon. Production and possession of pot is still a violation of federal law and federal courts have on a consistant basis thrown out state and local laws that have made possession legal. John Ashcroft has already stated that if the proposition passes, the Feds are ready to have the law thrown out.