Marley, clarification?

About this mod note:

"I won’t give you a warning because this is a question, but do not do this again. You can’t call people liars or nuts in this forum. "

Not saying a warning was needed, I think a note was fine, but the justification? “Just asking questions” shouldn’t ever be a factor in insults, surely?

I can’t figure out if you’re saying “just asking questions” should or should not be the basis for a warning. And I’m not even sure how JAQ has anything to do with the post that got mod’ed. I wouldn’t classify that as JAQing. Looked a lot more like a thinly veiled insult to me.

ExTank didn’t directly insult another poster. He asked a question and said, basically, ‘are you going to pick the answer I like, or are you a lying nut?’ It’s a little different from just telling another poster ‘you’re a lying nut,’ but it’s still personal and not appropriate for that forum.