Marley: the Documentary about Bob Marley's Life

FYI – in the U.S., it is now being shown on rockDocs on VH-1.

I caught it via DVR and watching pieces of it over the past few days. It is very well done - just a straight telling of his life from his mixed-race birth and the impact that had on him, to his emergence as a reggae innovator and music superstar, to his involvement with politics and getting shot, to his too-early death from cancer.

It isn’t sugar-coated - he is portrayed by family as a not-so-great father, a womanizer not bound by standard morals (hearing Rita Marley discuss it is fascinating), and as a very competitive person who was willing to do what it takes (e.g., replace his backing band, adapt the music to incorporate more rock/pop-accessible aspects, etc.) to reach a wider audience, etc. The live performances they show snippets of are excellent, both in terms of visuals and recording quality. There is a clear attempt to show how Marley was bigger than just music – that he had a spirituality, a desire to spread a message of peace, etc. that made his music and personality transcendent. I guess I would say that it comes across like he had huge cojones, like Bono of U2, in terms of using his persona to bring attention to social and political issues.

They don’t touch on a lot of things - I am sure the movie is tilted to focus on Marley’s life, so folks like Jimmy Cliff, Desmond Dekker, Peter Tosh, etc. are not discussed in any real way if at all. But as fascinating way to get a solid overall portrait of the man, the music and his moment in history, this documentary is worthwhile viewing…

Anyone else see it?


Really, no love for the Rasta Man? Curious. I would’ve expected some Dopers to have seen it or be interested in learning about it and/or discussing Marley.

No biggie - I have started threads that have died at birth before; just curious…

I will have to check that out. I recently read a biography about him that was in a similar vein: no pulled punches about the man. I love me some Bob Marley.