Married couples practicing abstinence?

Kung Fu said:

Actually ResIpsaLoquitor said:

To that end, I left the Catholic church near 15 years ago for reasons of restrictions to being human. I am an open universalist who believes people are human first, and supressing the urge to make love with ones spouse is in my opinion rejecting an innate animal instinct.
Of course I have other reasons for leaving the RCC but that is not what this OP is about.
To fully answer the OP, no I do not know anyone who is married and abstinent.

Furthermore, I could not truly conceive of a reason why I would be abstinent with my wife. Making Love is just that…Making Love…the act of true endearing love between two people. I do not wish to only show my wife I love her by words alone, or a flower… physical attraction between spouses is something to be nutured IMO not abstained from.

What Phlsophr said. Although, yeah, I should have made clearer that many contracepting couples do want to have kids.

I don’t get it NFP. So if you do something sloppily, it doesn’t count as a sin because you didn’t try too hard anyway. Is it suicide if you only put one bullet in a six shooter and pull the trigger? Why not just pick out six condoms put a small hole in one