Married folks dating service, free to dopers, 4c. to others...

Note that my service was cheaper than that otherservice… hehehe

Well, since we’ve got the single folks service, and junior members service, I figured I would put in the married folks/swinging service…

My wife and I are a couple of 5 years.

I’m kinda short, with a bit of a belly that will be going away soon, she is slightly taller, with same bit of belly, also soon to be going away.

We have 2 kids. Willing to swap, or share a female. Looking for pretty much anything in our age range, looks are not that important, but I will admit it helps… hehehe

Of course, since there are damn few dopers in the sac area, this is more for fun and to get the ball rolling… let’s see what we get…

Ok, I can’t believe that no one’s going to post, not even to tell me that I’m a sick twisted individual. What gives?

oh, and blatant bump… hehehehe

Um, okay, I’ll bite. (Only if you want…) [sub]sorry[/sub]

Anyway, hubby and I are a couple of 3 years. We have no children but we do have a 2-year old Labrador. We are not in the area near Tristan but hey, at least I responded to his plea for posts in the thread! :wink:

I guess I will post to. :slight_smile: My hubby and I have been a couple for 20 yrs, and we could use a change. :smiley:

We have one son, who will be off to college in a year.:slight_smile:

We arent in the area either, but thought I would post for the hell of it.

Woo Haa!! The thread is almost alive!!!

thanks for posting… heck, I was about to see if I could change the name… ah well, it was meant more in fun than anything else anyways… thanks for humoring poor lil’ ol’ me…

and evilbeth… uh… how you doin’?

I cannot believe nobody told me that this thread was here! I am the resident bi-swinger freak type person.
Have you been to the bi-guy thread yet?
I would post a link but I am link impaired sorry. Maybe I can get Chef to help me out with that.

Happy to oblige, you sweet thang! Here it is:
Ask the Closeted Bisexual Guy!

Tristan, I’m in Dallas, and my wife would NOT be interested, so I guess I wouldn’t be an ideal playmate for you folks. Maybe when the Bush administration dumps us all on an island somewhere we can meet then. grin

Oh, BTW, Tristan, you mentioned that you were interested in anyone in your age range…then neglected to mention what your age range is.

also, I was wondering… you said:

What are you willing to swap your kids for?


Well, after this afternoon, I would be tempted to swap the kids for a dog, and shoot the dog.

For the Record, I’m 25, the wife is 24.

That’s ok though Chef… when I first got on here, there was a thread about an island nation made up of dopers… sounds like a good idea to me.

Also, I’m the straight one in the couple… just to keep awkward silences at bay once we get on our island… hehehhe

Oh, what the hell. I’m in.

OK, me and the wife are in, we both 23. Course, I haven’t told her anything…

She hates the Midwest though, and would love to go back to Cali.



hoping that Mrs. Viscera likes slightly dumpy fellas, Tristan mails the couple a copy of several local newspapers…


Having that wonderful of a day Tristan? Sorry to here that.
You are stiring up quite a party here so that should lift your mood a bit.
Thank you Chef. I really need to get Chris to my house and show me all the neat things like linking, bold print, small print and such. Gatsby tried, but it was around 2am and it was not pretty! :smiley:

Now stats I suppose.
I am close enuff to 29 ( you will all know when my birthday is because I usually do the shopping days count down, it helps him remember and that way I don’t get caught up in Yule) I have blonde hair and green eyes, 5’4", 165# and if you want the other measurements you will have to email me or ICQ. He is 33 Black hair brown eyes, 6’2", 170#, and the same for his other measurements. Both are bi. We are also willing to swap kids, but I am warning you that we have 5 of them.
Looking for??? Well, if personalities click than who knows!

Mrs. O is 40, I’m 31. She’s 5’10", short auburn hair, 160#. I’m 6’0", 190#, goatee, mustache, light brown hair.

Hell, you can see us on my homepage. We’re married just over a year and very much into the lifestyle. Pretty open-minded, but we tend to keep the Tzeroling out of it. No kid swapping, much as it may appeal on certain days. :smiley:

Looking for other couples, let’s see how we get along first and take it from there.

Oh, by the way, is a site you all should check out. Tell 'em JeffJoy sent you.