Married women, what turns you on?

You mean like this one?

note: needs volume and prolly NSFW but still funny!

Test Robot #2: “My two favorite things are commitment and changing myself.”

Leela: “Does that dummy have a brother?”

Not in our house it isn’t!

I agree with opportunities to dress up and do something fun or nice, especially if it is a surprise. My husband and I like to plan little things we do together (like going to a swing dancing taster course, going out to a nice restaurant for weekday dinner, going champagne tasting, etc) where we won’t tell the other person where or what the activity is, just how to dress for it.

And small surprises and gifts, like yesterday, when he brought home a bag of Walkers Prawn Cocktail (my favourite flavour) for me for no reason. It cost 50p and I could have bought one myself, but he got one just to let me know he loves me and was thinking about me. That was hot. :smiley:

Oh, things like asking how my day went; doing things I might like to do; suggesting we go out to eat instead of my flipping his daily burgers n’ fries; noticing when I’m upset about something; asking how my sick relative is doing; thanking me for shovelling the driveway so he could get the car in it after work; suggesting we bake or cook something together; bringing home some “good” coffee, unasked; watching a movie or TV show I like, instead of just stuffing his face and then shuffling off to bed. You know, being a human being, talking, communicating. You would be amazed at how many friends I have, in addition to myself, who just get treated a lot of the time like a housekeeper. And then they drop their pants and the housekeeper is supposed to go weak in the knees???

Me wife insists that watching me wash dishes, change diapers, and do laundry is a huge turn-on but she may be bluffing.

Never underestimate the power of getting napkins when you order a pizza.

Consecutive Vowels


I am never getting married.

That was … depressing. Is this really how things are in your marriage? (If so: fuck that noise.)
My answer to the OP: the same things that turned me on before I married the guy. Luckily, he knows the salient details.

Marriage is wonderful. For us, we have a built in friend, confidant and person to bitch to. It’s also someone you know will be there no matter what in the morning.

Marriage is not (just) about having a willing and able sex partner whenever you feel like it.

Jump in, the water’s fine!

someone other than their husband, in my experience, but I’m bitter.

My wife gets turned on by cash.

No, not really. It works out to a disaster of some degree for most people over time. It may mean being stuck on the little leaky dingy in a pond on rainy day or going down with the Titanic but the possibilities are endless.

The documentary, Married With Children covered this subject quite well. I admit, my first thought was “Who cares? Why would you want to sleep with your spouse if you don’t have to?”. You are related and that is creepy. Then I thought back to the early days when there wasn’t a house full of checklists and kids were in the future and they were an overall goal to be achieved. It makes more sense looking back but marriage is hard on men even as far as institutions go.

It is probably for the best that I am divorced.

I used to like watching my ex do dishes. And cook. Because he had a hot ass and it gave me an excuse to stare XD

Making a cake in the kitchen that I built with my own hands, swan-diving into a hot-tub and then motorcycling off topless with tight jeans and a perfect body.

Wished doing the house work would work with my wife. All I get is oh that was nice thanks, then she finds something else to do around the house. I have given up on helping her.

I like watching him undress - especially when he strips down to just his jeans. RAWR.

Howsabout you help her just because it’s your house too? Does she expect a reward every time she does the dishes?

A guy doing stuff around the house because he doesn’t consider housework *my * job is a turn on. A guy doing stuff around the house because he considers it a favor worthy of a blowjob is a serious turn off. The former will get your cock sucked WHILE you do the dishes. The latter will get you divorced.

This, pretty much. The biggest turn on in a long term relationship is to remember to appreciate each other and keep having fun together. When you stop doing that, you become roomates who (if you’re lucky) occasionally have sex.

Exactly. It’s not the doing dishes, per se, it’s the nesting. The idea that this is our space together and he values it and me.

I think maybe this plays into the stereotypical male/female divide re: porn. I’m not turned on because of his shape, or movements, or anything precisely visual (although there is a *little *bit of that with the sponge and soapy water and imagining him squeezing that hot sponge over me instead of the bowls, actually!) It’s mostly the emotional story it tells. I’m turned on because watching him wash dishes or fold laundry or tuck the wee one into bed all remind me how much he loves me, cares about our home and family, and *likes *to take care of us. That makes the cavewoman ovaries ache, it does! (Metaphorically! NO MORE BABIES!!!)

Promises, fucking promises.