Mars probe

Had a funny retort to the thread in GQ,but somethings wrong and it won’t post,so I’ll post it here. I KNOW what happened to it! Andy Kaufman has took control and is joyriding it around!

Those apts can be pretty fearsome.

Maybe got hit by one of those Martian flying carpets.

And Mr Xxx was pretty leery of weird contraptions. He might have blown it away.

I keep expecting them to turn it on and we see a picture of Ray Walston sending out a message to Bill Bixby saying he is trying out for the 3rd rock from the Sun show.

“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing, does the painter do good
things.” --Edgar Degas

I caught Wallace and Gromit on Cartoon Network this weekend. When they went to the moon for cheese, there was this machine there that wanted to go on a skiing holiday back to earth. It tried to climb into their rocket but couldn’t because it didn’t have knees. Then when I heard about the probe that wouldn’t respond, I thought ‘How sad, it’s probably just lonely and wants to go skiing.’

(how’s THAT for mundane and pointless?)

Probe got lost cause it was steered by men on earth who didn’t ask for directions.

I know who did it!!



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::refraining mightily from making a comment about Satan’s ass, given the topic of this thread…::

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I figured Marvin shooting a moon would be comment enuf. :wink:

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