Mars where rover touched down looks ‘Earth-like’: How long before the conspiracy theories start?

CT’s in 3…2…1? :smiley:

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Obviously the atmosphere on Mars is much thicker than they tell us it is. Otherwise there wouldn’t be dust blowing in the wind and the landers wouldn’t be able to use parachutes.


“The ancient Martian crater where the Curiosity rover landed looks strikingly similar to the Mojave Desert in California with its looming mountains and hanging haze, scientists said Wednesday.”

Connect the dots people!!!

How long before someone appears on one of the CT websites claiming that he was out driving in the Mojave and came across the rover, then had his camera confiscated and his life threatened by men in black waving federal badges?

Doesn’t this thing have HD cameras? Where are the pictures? I just see a low-res video with crappy CGI.

When the penguins march by

This was posted as a comment for the linked article:

That was at 2159 EDT.

Do I win?

Forget the Mars photos - I’m much more disturbed by the photo of the two scientists hugging, in that linked article. That is deeply disrespectful to their respective spouses at home and could easily lead to heartbreak/divorce (I won’t even get started on whether it could constitute workplace harassment as well). Even a successful space mission is no excuse for that kind of behavior.

How long before the CT’s start?

Why, it was all a hoax from Tee Minus One and everyone with a lick-o-sense knew it!

Well HUMPH! Who in his right mind ever believed in the first place that we sent a mission to Mars? Fools all! :smack:

I have to admit, so far the photos kind of look like anywhere 10 miles outside of Las Vegas, but without the billboards.

But the billboards have been there for ages… OMG, they’ve invented a time machine and they’re using Mars as cover for testing it!!

Hell, there are large swaths of the Western US that look exactly like that! Just off the top of my head, it could pass for large portions of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, or Nevada. Probably southern California and western Texas too, but I haven’t personally been to either state.

Damn it Cohagaan! Those people need air!

Am I being whooshed? You can’t hug at work now? There is no reason that couldn’t be 100% platonic, or they are both single, or they ARE married, or they are related, or 100 other perfectly normal reasons. They knew there was media there, if they were having a secret affair don’t think you think that would have been the worst time to hug?


This is a joke, right?

It’s hard to tell anymore.

Upon more detailed analysis of the photos, I am all the more convinced of the monstrous hoax this is! Those pictures are from Tatooine!

These people are aware that we’ve had pictures from the surface of Mars since 1976, right?

Hah! You actually believe that? You actually think Spirit and Opportunity could really have lasted so long on Mars? Hell, they can’t actually last that long on Earth. NASA drives out into the Mojave with replacements during every “Martian winter”.

You’re soooo naive. :rolleyes:

No, no HD cameras. The photos HD cameras produce require too much bandwidth to transmit and storage space to store on the lander. They have been optimized to be robust and reliable. From what I’ve read, the actual camera technology being used is apparently about 7-8 years old, having been frozen early in the design to be consistent with the KISS principle. Reliability is the key word here.

You can plainly tell this photos are from Planet X or Nabooty or whatever it’s called. From the shadows it’s obviously on a collision course with Earth!