Martha Stewart demands to be top dog

Anyone who has ever encountered a Persian (or seen the movie ‘Babe’) knows how bossy and demanding they can be, but please, we’re talking about Martha Stewart here, this is the lady who taught hardened criminals to crochet.

“As with all my new pets, I gently bit each kitten on the face,” she writes. While Animal Behavior expert Nicholas Dodman, PhD, tells Shine, “As far as I know there is no [scientific] explanation for this lesson.”

Stewart claims, “This is how I let my animals know that I am now their mother.”

Martha doesn’t need to explain herself to anybody. When you enter her world, you become her property, and she’ll do with you as she damn well pleases.

For the record, “dominance theory” is currently in decline, at least, among animal behaviorists.

Here’s a good discussion page.

Uh oh. I have a feeling this face-biting image will find its way into my recurring nightmare where I work for Martha.