Martin Shkreli's trial starts today

“Pharma Bro” just won’t keep his mouth shut.

I thought about resurrecting one of the zombie threads, but there were a few of them and I finally decided that we might as well have a new one just for the trial and any aftermath. Of course, it has to be in The BBQ Pit so we can use appropriate descriptors.

I think that sympathy will be scant once the jury gets a look at stuff like this:

I find myself wondering what that goatfelcher’s smirk will look like with bars in front of it.

While that is indeed a satisfying thought to imagine, I’m nevertheless disappointed, only because whenever I see his name for some reason I confuse him with that other punch-me-face shit-stain, James O’Keefe,* and I was hoping it was him who was finally going to pay the piper.

I’m pretty bad with names.

*(Found his name by Googling “douchey conservative fake journalist”.)

Mr. O’Keefe already has a misdemeanor conviction for entering a federal building under false pretenses back in 2010. I was upset at the time that the prosecutor allowed the plea deal (and I haven’t changed my mind about that in the ensuing years).

But Mr. Shkreli has yet to be convicted, and as far as I know there is no plea deal in the works.

In a fight between a M1A2 tank and Martin Shkreli, how much would you pay to watch? And could we have James O’Keefe fight an aircraft carrier afterwards?

Horatio Alger’s heroes didn’t succeed only by hard work and intelligence. They were also honest, trustworthy, and courageous. Shkreli is none of these.

Hope he ends up in prison for life, like the founder of The Silk Road.

I do see a contempt of court charge in his near future.

Shkreli’s Jury Pool Calls Him ‘an Evil Man’ and ‘a Snake’

They may have to relocate the trial to Lancaster, PA to find a jury pool that hasn’t heard of him.

I hope they crucify him.

I wish lots of bad things for him too.

The case is U.S. v. Shkreli, 15-cr-00637, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York (Brooklyn), as per that link. Thanks Projammer.

Unless he can be sentenced to a lifetime of neverending face punches, justice will never be served.

Well, depending on how they sentence him, assuming he is found guilty, he’s looking at a very long jail sentence. How do you think that is going to go for him? He’s 34. If he serves a mere 20 years, he’ll be 54 when he gets out and a convicted felon. He certainly won’t be running companies or involved in the securities industry.

So I don’t think I have to wish grievous bodily harm on him. All I have to wish is that he is convicted of most of the charges (5 at 20 years, 3 at 5? Something like that) and gets a solid 20-30+ year sentence. That will do nicely.

Do you think he’ll be making that smirk in prison?

Must you insult Ross Ulbricht like that? He doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Shkreli.

My guess is that the fucker is smarter than we think…and will not go to prison.
He’ll flee to South America somewhere and live the high life in a mansion with hookers and blow.

And he’ll proudly smirk at us all on Facebook.
But if we get lucky, and he actually does get imprisoned, we need new rules for the judge.
When setting the sentence, there should be an option for the judge to order the prison warden that the prisioner must be kept in specific conditions:

And the conditions should be that that Shkreil be kept as the only white prisoner in the wing where they house all the worst, most violent, gang members.

With no wi-fi.

Let’s not get carried away with the cruel and unusual punishments here.

I’ll be the first to label him as a slime of the lowest order, but there are limits.

Any competent DA would have him tagged as a flight risk and already pulled his passport.

So maybe.

In which case I sincerely hope someone he screwed over can afford to send hit men down after him (I’m NOT joking).

Shkreli was targeted by the government for reasons unrelated to the actual charges against him. They went on a fishing expedition and found something. Let’s be clear: he’s really facing jail for raising drug prices so high.

If the feds want you, they’ll get you for something. Everyone does something illegal, and they don’t always even know about it. If you are in business, you’re almost certainly committing several violations a day. The more complex the business, the more violations.