Martin Shkreli's twitter account closed.

Not the most earth-shattering news, so I was going to post this in the mundane section, but I’m just too pissed with this inverted eel.

wow what a creepy fucking doodus:

hey - classy!

Hopefully facebook and any other of his social media accounts eventually go under also.

I saw that he had been banned from Twitter. Good riddance to the miserable little twerp!

That goes beyond creepy.

This suspension is just temporary.

dang - I stand corrected.

He needs to be punched in the face, or kicked in the face, very hard, every day, for the rest of his life.

Well he just proved he’s even more disgusting than I thought possible.

::madly compiling list, currently at charity #47,371 093::
oh but come on now though, seriously - that winning, smirky, quirky, “what, me?”, lovable smile, almost as readily comforting as Billy Mays’s?

The first one usually is. It’s not unlike here, except, I think they are closer to a 3 strikes instead of 2 strikes.

Now, if we can just get Twitter to ban the other moron currently using it things will be sooooooo much better.

Once that moron starts his new job, he’ll have the ability to send his own unblockable alerts directly to all our cell phones. Wish I were kidding.

Or maybe Don can “reach out” to Shkreli with an ambassador position.

I was going to say “tazed in the balls for a solid hour,” but I like your plan, too.