Martin Van Buren and every parent's homework nightmare

Funny ad for Google Search:

I have to admit, I would not be pleased with any kid of mine who sprang a homework assignment on me like that.

Heh, OK, I laughed when I saw the completed costume.

I’m thinking that there should be a follow-up ad for Wikipedia, where the mother changes Van Buren’s wiki page to have a picture of her daughter, and delivers her to school as-is.

That WOULD be clever.

“I changed the conditions of the test; got a commendation for original thinking. I don’t like to lose.”

I’d just take the class toLindenwald.

I know this is supposed to be a funny commercial and all, but if my kid had pulled something like that at the last second, she’d have gotten a failing grade. * Lack of planning on your part, etc.*

Come to think if it, if it was the kid’s homework, why the heck was mom doing it anyway??? There’s a second peeve…

So I got home tonight and Mrs Iggy informs me that mini-Iggy needs money to buy a book for school.

A little discussion with mini-Iggy and we find out she needs to not just buy the book. She needs to read the book and complete a book report before mid-day tomorrow. :smack:

Google Search isn’t going to save the day on this one.

My mom’s favorite complaint along this line is the urgent need for a signed permission slip and $7.35 (has to be exact change!) the morning of the field trip.

Or have them hang out with the Van Buren Boys.

How old is mini-Iggy and how long is the book? My reaction to one of my kids would be, “get crackin’ or die tryin’.”

When I was in HS, I once had an over-the-holiday-break English class assignment to read a book of our own choosing and write a paper on it. To earn brownie points with the teacher, who I knew liked Dickens, I selected the biggest, baddest Dickens book of them all: “Bleak House”. The paperback edition of it that I got had just over 1,000 pages. Of Dickens.

I put off reading it until the Saturday before going back to school (on Monday) when it was due. I read Dickens for almost 20 hours straight, with a 4 hour nap and some feeding time, with occasional note taking. Outlined a paper, took another nap, wrote a 15 page paper and handed it in.

So if my kid was a procrastinator, so be it. I understand. But at the end of the day, the piper gets paid.

My kid’s schools have gone to the policy of having teachers emailing parents whenever any major project gets assigned. It’s been a lifesaver.

could have been worse. she could have been assigned Millard Fillmore.

Reminds me of a thematically similar ad that ran on Spanish TV – Only the kid says to his mom that there is a big event at school and he is supposed to be dressed as a “castor” (in Spanish, “beaver”). Cue mother going crazy and crafting a nifty beaver costume in no time, only to drive to the school and hear the kid sing about “the shepherds going to Bethlehem” – In Spanish, shepherd is “pastor”. The kid had misspoken. There was going to be a Christmas pageant and the kids were supposed to be dressed as shepherds XD

I think that, originally, that ad was from Colombia. Here it is:

That first shot of the kid in the car is laugh out loud funny. Every time.

I hate to point this out, but there was a Family Circus cartoon with the same exact premise – Jeffy wakes up Mom in the middle of the night with, “I forgot to tell you – I need a [whatever] costume for tomorrow.” Yeah, good luck with that, kid.

Well you know Martin Van Buren was just as mean and nasty as the gang inspired by his name