Marvel Continuity - Does everyone know Norman Osborn is/was the Green Goblin


After many years i’ve been getting back into comics recently. Nothing huge, some of the Ultimates stuff, Hellboy and the BPRD, things like that. The only mainstream Marvel stuff i get is the Avengers which i’ve always loved. I’ve been picking up the TPB’s of The New/Mighty Avengers and i started buying the comics with the whole Secret Invasion business. Which brings me to the new Dark Avengers issue 1.

How on Earth is Norman Osborn in charge of everything? According to Wikipedia ‘Norman is seen as the earth’s greatest hero, allowing him power to rewrite the order of Earth itself’. Granted he killed the Skrull Queen, but he was just one guy on a pretty crowded battlefield. More importantly isn’t he a reformed ?! psychotic murderous super-villian who’s urges are kept in check by medication. Isn’t that kinda like putting Bin Laden in charge of Homeland security.

Did this ‘One More Day’ business reset Norman Osbournes secret identity as well? Because otherwise how on earth does the Green Goblin end up in charge. That’s one Confirmation hearing i’d pay money to see.

Yes, they do.

The population of comic book universes have short memories and are quick to forgive and be fooled. Hell, Lex Luthor was elected president in DC (“an evil clone did all that bad stuff!”)

Man that’s weak.

Comic book suspension of disbelief is one thing. This is just too much for me to swallow.
Weaker than you think. Happened in '04, in big-ass public view, with multiple cops killed.

My impression is that Spider-Man and Green Goblin are well-known to law enforcement and in New York City, but are not national/international figures like Thor, Cap and Tony Stark. Osborne is probably as well-known to the general public as Ron Perelman, but all the specifics of his background are not. In the Marvel Universe, superheroes are about as hard to keep track of as Broadway actors, and the farther away from New York you live, the less likely you are to know a lot about lesser players and the details of their lives.

Going through the back issues, it’s actually amazing how little the question was dealt with. There were a couple panels and a letter’s column in the early issues of the new Thunderbolts that mentioned it, but didn’t resolve it. My personal guess is that his reveal is now regarded as a mistake so they’re just going to ignore it.

It’s idiotic anyhow. Put the killshot guy incharge - right, because that’s how things work. Remember when the guy who found Saddam in his spiderhole was made president?

Be nice if you could do that in the real world.
Hey Honey, i know i forgot our aniversary then slept with your sister, but that was the old Continuity. Here’s some flowers. How 'bout a blowjob

“Turns out that was actually Superboy punching the timebubble! Let’s have sex!”

You know, I once thought that Quesada was some sort of new shining beacon that would take comics to the next level. I actually kept on defending the man no matter what idiotic stunt he would pull next.

Oh, well, at least is better than the nineties, when all comics were made by Liefeld wannabes.

As i said i’ve been out of comics for a while, since about the early '90’s. So instead of starting with the New/Mighty Avengers the first thing i thought to pick up was the 90’s Avengers and take it from there.

So i bought Leifeld’s Heros Reborn: Avengers:eek:

No, no,why does Cap look like that, no.Oh no, no please, oh dear god no.

You know at the end of Raiders when the Nazi’s look into the forbidden and there faces start melting. That was worse.

Almost killed my comic renaissance there and then.

I stopped reading SM after a few issues of Brand New Day… it seemed like continuity had been reset for Spider-Man, but Marvel was always such a shared universe. What happens to all the people who met SM before this? Do they just ‘forget’ adventures that don’t agree with current continuity? That story just seemed a really bad ending to One More Day, which I was really enjoying. Has the fact that so much continuity has been erased and rewritten now been addressed in the rest of the Marvel Universe?

Heh…the best reaction to Liefeld’s Captain America, read on some message board I can’t remember now:

“He looks like his lungs are pregnant!”

You think? It was written by the current God-Writer of Marvel, (Brian Michael Bendis), in his pet-comic experiment, (The Pulse), in the first arc, (issues 1-5), featuring his love interest (Jessica Jones, AKA "I Am Not The Alias Girl. But I could have been) that he paraded around into the Avengers.

Why, no!