Marvel: Legendary (deck building game)

Anybody else pick up this game?

Marvel: Legendary

This game kicks so much ass. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had with a board or card game. It’s not necessary to be a Marvel fan, but IMHO being a Marvel fan takes the game from ‘‘fun’’ to ‘‘mindblowingly awesome.’’ It’s very cleverly designed in the sense that the character cards have abilities that are true to their characters. For example, Rogue can duplicate effects, Nick Fury’s power is dependent on SHEILD agents, and Hulk has the most powerful attacks.

The game is both co-op and competitive. You’re all working together to defeat the villain, but at the same time you’re trying to gather victory points. This means that even when the villian/co-op part is easy, the game stays challenging because you’re competing for points.

The artwork is great.

You can play 1-4 people, and play time is only an hour.

Also, it can be really challenging. We don’t always win. It’s very well balanced.

Are we the only ones? Those who have played this, who is your favorite character? I’m partial to Black Widow because she makes it easy to streamline a deck. I once had a deck down to 12 cards and it was fierce.

I can’t wait for the expansion to come out this summer. Cable and Apocalypse!

Come on, really? There have got to be some Marvel nerds out there.

You’re the only one. That’s it.

Well, people are seriously missing out. :stuck_out_tongue:

The wife and I are always looking for more games to play. I’ll have to check this one out. Thanks!

What are the ages? I’m looking for something co-op to play with Fang.

My six year old son plays this game with me. He needs help shuffling cards and counting points. I’d say 9 or so is definitely old enough to play it without help. Also, the OP is right about everything, most importantly how fun the game is.