Marvel Phase 4 Movies

Marvel released a nice video with a bit of a retrospective, and some news for their upcoming movies. It’s worth a watch:

They have a lot of content coming up, especially if you count the Disney+ shows. There are a couple I’m really looking forward to, and everything looks at least interesting.

I didn’t want to put the new titles in the OP in case people don’t want to be spoiled about the title announcements. I’m really looking forward to Black Panther 2, and Captain Marvel 2, and I like both the new titles.

Just watched the sizzle reel. Lots of good stuff in the works. I went into it looking for something I could ignore. Not much luck there. The only one I don’t really care about is the Spiderman movie, mainly because I always thought Spiderman was stupid. Still do. Really looking forward to Thor 4 and The Eternals. The Marvels could go either way.

That WAS a fantastic 4 teaser at the end wasn’t it?

I missed that. Now I’m really excited. (Unless it was an Avengers A).

Yeah, it’s Fantastic 4 for sure.

I thought it represented Phase 4. Hope so, because they will never be able to make a decent Fantastic 4 movie.

You only say that because no one ever has.

Yes. It’s the same logo they used when they announced Fantastic 4 earlier.