Marxism relies on mindless pertinence.
Mindless fluff.
Amy Berg called Janis Joplin the Christ and the antichrist.
That’s definitely Marxist I think.
Albeit actual thinking and Marxist processes don’t mix.
Could Janis Joplin be her own opposite?
It begs a psychoanalysis.
Jungian if I’m not mistaken.
Marx and Satan have in common the claim to destroy Christianity.
Janis, when she sang her leitmotif of no no no no no no as she performed Ball N’ Chain by Big Mama Thornton, was not being destructive though she took a stance against Christian moral fetters and loutish attitudes towards sex.
In fact, Marxism resembles a forged 18th century painting of a lascivious female. I’m for gender equality.
The painting is a fake.
We are born free as decreed by God.
And don’t need Marx or Satan to be it.
A Catholic priest said that love is to consent to be wounded.
We know that the consent is not legally defensible.
Nobody can consent or be forced to receiving wounds.
The Catholic Church has its own moral and ethical system.
I know that Janis Joplin wasn’t Catholic.
Marxism asserts one thing one minute and employs contrarian attitudes the next.
There’s not a single theory or law in nature that can explain why.
Observation isn’t the Marxist’s forte.
But certain types of people fall back on Marxist thought, so to speak, in order to attack our true liberty.
The thought is spawned by appalling contradictions. The Christ-antichrist idea or set of ideas is a fearsome twosome.
No no no no no no sounds like falling backwards.
Yet Marxism is not culturally tenable.
Except to a handful of cynics.
Who are blind to the fact.
I don’t think that Janis though she’s a white female into cultural appropriation would actually fall for it.
But, then again, as that white female category of person, she must have felt appropriated herself by the racial minority she, or Elvis, impersonated to some extent.
The Marxists will track you down as soon as you mention race.
They are truly a self serving group of loosely associated harsh critics who’s ultimate goal is to destroy the Christian world.
They prey on your foibles and troubles.
In order to get at the ecclesiastical edifice and penetrate it like water that turns to ice.
They also fan the heat and stir up sediment.
They use the Christ-antichrist formula because it’s an even circle. Two kernels in one shell.
It covers the whole picture from both sides on.
Maybe from ten directions considering transhumanism.
What have you. Cuisine politics. Epicurean.
Beware of Marxist indigestion.

Coherence is next to godliness, Dude.

Strictly speaking, I’m not quite sure that’s — how can I put this? — correct.

Can’t tell if he–I’m guessing it’s a he–likes or dislikes Janis Joplin. Anyway, maybe there’s a more contemporary reference? Beyonce? Lady Gaga? Katy Perry might be her own opposite.

Maybe from ten directions considering transhumanism.

As the line in a poem, I guess this can work. As a philosophical statement I find it oddly intriguing yet kinda impenetrable, like some sort of gnostic gospel.

At least this latest rant spares The Jews.

According to The Catholic Reporter: “Janis Joplin was born to a Christian family in Port Arthur, Texas, in 1943. She had body issues and didn’t fit in”

If she’d been born to psychics, would she have had out-of-body issues?

This is pretty incoherent and rambling.

Anyway, both christianity (and Islam, and other religions) and marxism are a vestige of a more ignorant time in human history.

Religion was a tool people used before science to help them feel safe in a world they were very fragile and ignorant of. Now that we have science, we do not need religion. There is a reason as intelligence, science and wealth go up, that religion goes down. The more intelligence, education, wealth and access to knowledge you have both on an individual and collective level, the less you use religion as a crutch to deal with the world.

Marxism was a good attempt to address a serious problem (oligarchy of the rich and powerful) but it is almost 200 years old, and we have learned a lot about psychology, sociology, economics, political science etc since then. When I tried reading some of the original marxist texts it was absurd how ignorant they were, and they assumed everything was a learned behavior with nothing ingrained by biology.

Either way, social democracy has supplanted marxism as the most effective tool to deal with the problems marxism was meant to address. Namely plutocracy, income inequality, poverty, government and corporate oppression, etc. Most marxist nations end up in economic stagnation, or end up with a new set of greedy, self absorbed rulers just as bad or worse than the old ones.

Ideally the future will be more and more social democracy and irreligion. But who knows, Fukayama used to think the future was guaranteed to be democracy and neoliberalism and now the world is turning towards right wing authoritarianism and mixed state economic systems.

But what about the Poles?!?

I do love it when someone posts a wall of blithering incoherence to tell us we’re not thinking clearly about something.

I observe Marxist principles, but only in the hopes that one day I will say the secret word and a duck will descend from the sky with my 100 dollars.

Under Capitalism incoherency begets incoherency.

Under Marxism it’s the other way around.

And let us not forget “Exapno Mapcase” (ХАРПО МАРКС).

Dude, puff it or pass it.

Different MAPKC. :wink:

As near as I can figure, it’s free verse, and free-range verse at that. I don’t pretend to understand poetry, only to identify it when I see it.

If you can shuffle cards the way you shuffle two distinct topics (if that’s the word I want), you can get a job in Vegas.

Indeed, let us not!

I can’t past this line:

When I put Amy Berg Janis Joplin antichrist into Google I get zero hits.

Could it be that this thread is based on a false premise?

It helps to think of yourself in a smoke-filled bar, with a guy on a mic doing a poetry slam with bongo drums playing in the background.

After a zinger line like “The painting is a fake,” the drummer plays an accenting rift. bidabidabidabidabidabidabidabonk! bonk didi bink didi bonk!

You applaud by clicking your fingers.

My favorite Marxism is “When you’re in jail, a good friend will be trying to bail you out. A best friend will be in the cell next to you saying, ‘Damn, that was fun’.”