Maryland Marriage License (Need Answer Fast)

If a certain couple gets a Maryland marriage license, they must wait a month before they get wed. But if they delay using it, how long is it good for?

No real reason I am asking it, just a hypothetical. Yeah, hypothetical.

I doubt that it’s valid in Qatar. :slight_smile:

But I only get short breaks back in Maryland. I mean my … friend … only gets short breaks. So go there, get license, wait 30 days (overseas) then return to do the ceremony.

Where did you get 30 days from? Everyplace I’ve found info says 48 hours.

In any case, it’s good for 6 months.

Where are you seeing a thirty-day requirement? A quick look online shows nothing of the sort.

Here. Here. Here.

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“…must wait a month before using it” probably means his friend and his friend’s intended cannot physically be both in MD in that time period, not that that is a legal waiting period.

Maryland had (has) a reputation for being the destination mid-Atlantic eloping couples. No need for a blood test when most surrounding states required one. That’s what my grandparents did back in the '40s.

Maryland only has a 2-3 day period at the longest. And as said above I’m pretty sure it’s good for 6 months. So am I invited?

Well, I was told there was a 30-day cooling off period. I see now I was misinformed. So my friend no longer needs his answer fast.

So you have time to get engaged and married, but you don’t have time for a Dopefest. I guess that shows how much we’re worth.

I like you Wendell, but there are some things your friendship does not offer. In any case, my schedule is no longer mine alone. I will keep you all posted.