Mass and density of the Big Bang's "superatom"

Is it possible to calculate the rough mass and density of the “superatom” which held all matter in the Universe prior to the Big Bang? If so, what are they?


IIRC I don’t think the concept is that there was some “super-atom” or any kind of particles, but that matter was created more less out of nothingness by multidimensional quantum “inflation” after some critical density in (something) was reached. Some also hypothesize that several of the then existing multiple dimensions enfolded themselves down to the present 3 + time as result of this inflation.

Wikipedia says

Hah! I was just reading this article as you posted it.

Hah! I was just reading this article as you posted it. But I figured that if we have a good guess as to how many atoms there are in the Universe, we can guess its density and mass relative to an estimated volume, no?


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Bit of a pointless nitpick, but the entity you’re describing also was the universe at that time - i.e. it wasn’t some superdense object floating in empty space, it was space too - all of it.

Another pointless nitpick; the BB was the origin of time as well as space and matter, so the term ‘prior to’ has no proper meaning.

I came into the thread to say the same thing. I don’t really think that’s a “pointless nitpick” – it’s an important and often misunderstood idea. You can’t talk about “before the Big Bang”. Which kind of makes this question unanswerable. But the closest I can come to an answer is: if the universe really did start with a singularity, then the further back you go in time (towards the Big Bang) the greater its density gets – increasing towards infinity. Its mass/energy content is presumably the same as the mass/energy content of the whole universe today.

Unless one hypothesizes that the most recent BB was but one of an infinite series of ongoing BB’s. At which point, can one argue that the most recent BB “reset” the clock to zero, or is just a continuation of a larger process?

Absent some framework of ‘meta-time’ in which this could occur, the term ‘series’ is also meaningless.

(as also is ‘ongoing’)

You can (in principle) answer questions about the Universe at any time after T=0 (though are current physics isn’t adequate for times earlier than 10[sup]-43[/sup] seconds or so). But so far as anyone can currently tell, you can’t meaningfully answer questions about the moment T=0 itself. And there isn’t even any time T<0 to ask questions about, meaningful or not.