"Mass Chicken Escape!!" and in related news "Town Under Chicken Attack"

Mass Chicken Escape

Town Under Chicken Attack

So why did the chicken cross the road? :slight_smile:

As part of it’s Evil Plan to Conquer the World!

Or so I assume.


Proves beyond a doubt that there is a hole through the center of the earth. A Chicken-Sized hole.

wonders if MamaHen has an explanation for these happenings

Melbourne? I thought the mass escape took place on a farm/pot pie plant in England?

The chickens and I have no comment at this time.

I don’t like gravvy.

Oh MamaHen knows, in fact knowing her I have no doubt that she is behind it all. Be afraid, be very afraid, she is one eeeeeevil bird !

Farm animals in general appear to be launching a resistance movement… Cows are Killing Ramblers, Sheep are traversing cattle grids, Chickens taking hostile occupation of strategic towns… I blame Iraq

As long as we don’t see any KFH’s spring up any where then we’re OK.

(Kentucky Fried Human)

Ohhhhhhhhhh…we were beset by some kind of strange South American chickens a few years back. They are wild chickens that some fool(s) imported for hunting purposes. They took over a park for about a month and then all flew away. I had a friend who lived near that park. The damn chickens sat up in the trees all night cackling and doing chicken stuff. They were kinda cute tho. All tiny things that looked like bantam roosters.

I can understand killing Bambi, hell, you can eat him, but



Chickens don’t fly!
Haven’t you ever seen the movie?

But chickens are mean, and they bite. I’m telling you! My friend insisted his chicken didn’t bite me, that chickens peck and not bite, but I swear I saw an evil glint in her beady little eye as she tried to take a chunk out of one of my little piggies hanging out of my sandle!

Some kinds of chickens fly. (or at least can flutter up above the ground a ways). We had chickens when I was a kid, and a couple of the smaller, more wild-type varieties would fly up into the oak tree in our back yard to roost.

Mrs. Tweedy! The chickens are revolting!
Finally something we agreee on…

Ok, I think I’ve seen “Chicken Run” too many times…