Mass Effect 2

I, for one, was very disappointed that my “inventory” (is it really an inventory if you don’t have to play loot tangram to make it fit inside a clumsy square grid ?) only filled up with weapons, armor and mods - useable items. Where were the bear asses, the eye of space frog, the broken shield generators to sell back in town ?! I mean, back in space station. Right. Where was the annoying weight limit that got reached juuuuuust before the final boss, making you run back, then back again because not selling every single piece of junk you come across is just wasteful ?
Mass Effect was a very disappointing RPG.

@CutterJohn: I agree with you that the loss of the Mako vs. improving secondary planets was a poor choice. They do have DLC planned that will introduce the Hammerhead, which is supposed to be a replacement for the Mako (a hovercraft-type vehicle), but I’m not sure how that will fit with the secondary planets. Will they add more planets, or open up exploration on currently existing ones? I’m confused as to what their plan is concerning this, as I liked the idea of exploring planets, it’s just the execution could have used more work.

Exactly. They could even have both, by simply putting the more scripted missions in areas inaccessible to the mako, as they did in the main missions of the game that utilized it.

Having thought on it more though, its not all that bad. The mako sections really weren’t all that great, and the exploration was really just a pointless time sink. Replacing those sections with proper missions is preferable to what we had before, if not exactly ideal.

Lets just hope the side missions are more than clearing 1 of 3 different generic dungeon styles of [random assorted bad guy]. :stuck_out_tongue:

On the splash screen before you start the game there’s a configure option (below the play button) that will bring up a box that you can change settings, but I don’t see how any of these settings would let you play the game if you can’t even get it to start correctly. You must have something else going on.

The only issue I ever had was changing the Audio to Hardware caused my game to crash so I don’t really know what issue you’re having but that’s something to try just to see.

I’m very much looking forward to this and in preparation for the release I did fresh paragon (on hardcore) and renegade playthroughs (on insanity) so that everything would be fresh in my mind. I rushed through the renegade playthrough finishing in 15 hours, IIRC, but did absolutely everything with the paragon character. Sadly, the paragon character only made it up to level 56, so now I’m debating yet another playthrough to get him up to level 60.

I was very much looking forward to this, but less so as more information came out. Apart from apparently being easier to generate a good face for your character, everything I’ve heard about this game has been a step backwards.

Everything? The story seems more complex and deeper. The world seems more fleshed out. The skills sound better thought out and more exciting and though there’s fewer of them the fact you can evolve them on higher levels to do different things mean you can run more then one adapt and have it be noticeably different then the last adapt.

I certainly disagree with many changes they’ve made and it has gone from ‘hey they’ve fixed everything about the original’ to ‘hey why the hell did they do that?’ as I’ve heard more but I’m willing to see in game how it plays out.

I haven’t heard much about the story, and I don’t want to. At the moment the only reason I’d consider buying the game is to continue the story the first game started, and would prefer not to spoil that.

I don’t want to run more than one adept. I have no intention of running one character of each class, let alone multiples. I have better things to do than play through the same RPG campaign 12+ times.

Well do you want to be able to adjust your high level abilities to your play-style?

Not that it really matters. I was merely suggesting that there are several new things in ME2 that sound good to me. It’s hard to remember that sometimes when you hear about some of the other choices that just sound stupid.

I played through ME on the 360. But, I’ve had issues with my 360 recently. So, I’ll probably get this for my uber gaming PC.

The one thing that sucks about that is that I can’t use my character from the previous game. Ah well. Hopefully it won’t suck too much to start from scratch.

Either way, I can honestly say that I didn’t find the original to be the world best game ever like many people made it out to be. It was ok and all, but I felt like I spent have the game in elevators.

The elevators were there for two reasons. One was that they were a way to update you on some of your accomplishments, but the more important reason was that the game was loading the next section up. So instead of an elevator, you could have had more loading screens.

The real question is whether they left the dramatic cutting-of-the-eyes-full-body-turn whenever somebody walks away.

Oh, I knew why the elevators were there. It was an obvious attempt to conceal the loading. The point remained that I was in elevators for a significant portion of the gameplay, which means I was loading for a really long time. Another good reason to switch to the PC version, IMO.

When I play the game I actually practice this maneuver myself. I was actually kind of disappointed not to see it in Dragon Age everytime I speak to an NPC.

Some poster a while back mentioned that his kid referred to Mass Effect as “the elevator game.”

Well, there’s a third option - the developers could have given us something useful to do while the level was loading. Bayonetta does this with a basic practice mode on the loading screen, for example - you can walk around, practice attack combos, and so on. The original Assassin’s Creed did something similar, though I don’t know if Assassin’s Creed 2 does. For that matter, an inventory-management screen whilst loading would be useful. :slight_smile:

So, any reason to believe that the smattering of reviews to come out so far aren’t just advanced-marketing hype?

Most likely it’s hype. Generally publishers only let pre-release reviews out if they’re overwhelmingly positive. (And this is EA we’re talking about here.) I’m speaking as a fan with no small amount of bias, and I have no doubt that the game will be good, but I’d be surprised if that number doesn’t deflate significantly after release.

It may go down to 90 or 92, but I doubt it will significantly deflate. In my observation, sequels to popular games tend to categorically get scores equal to or greater than their predecessor* unless they fail pretty hard (like, forgot to beta test it hard).

  • Unless a long gulf of time separates them, like if Dungeon Keeper were to get another sequel next year it probably wouldn’t get sequel invulnerability.

Well, I would consider a 7 or 8 point drop to be significant. (‘significant’ being a weasel word, which is why I used it) :smiley:

I actually looked up the review scores for the original and was surprised at how highly rated it was. I loved the game myself, but remembered reviews at the time being a bit more tempered than that. I see lots of 8’s in there, but I guess it averaged out.

Seeing video reviews and trailers this looks like the dog’s bollocks. Loved the first, so I’ll pick it up ASAP. Only one thing bothers me, the continuing from save system. I’ve seen the screen for it, where you select a previous career. Fortunately it summarizes your career, the big decisions, who lived who died, yadda yadda…unfortunately it doesn’t say which side quests you did. On my main guy I finished every side quest, paragon style, but then played him a few more times. All of em are at level 60, and it’s either 2 or 3 playthroughs back.

Apparently some side-quests carry on over to ME2, so I want the completionist run…serves me right for not remembering.

Also what class to play as (I’ll probably go for Adept, the class I picked in ME1), as the late-stage skill bonuses…Thinking of mostly going the heavy route, and keeping a field effect Pull for crowd control.