Mass Effect 2

I’m sure by the time I receive it from Amazon, it’ll all be straightened out.

Honestly, though, I don’t know why I bother to pre-order if all I’m getting is virtual swag. I must be stupid or something.

Well, you can already colour me confused with regards to how the ‘hacking’ is supposed to work.

I downloaded from the EAStore and I can’t connect to Cerberus. Either times out or I have to quit it from the task manager. However, you don’t have to connect to play.

Everything appears to be fixed.

Second** Jragon**'s experience. Everything looks good now.

Ike, have you figured out hacking yet? It’s annoying, but it’s a game. The deal is that above the scrolling part of the screen, to the left, is an example of “code” on a computer screen. Your goal is to match that with a “code” screen shown in the scrolling part of the screen without hitting any of the red parts of the scrolling screen. You need to do this three times…the “code” changes for each one. Frankly, it’s pretty annoying.

So I think I’m going to the mall tomorrow to see if I can find a used copy of the original game. The descriptions y’all offered sound pretty cool. THanks!

Good luck, storyteller0910! The first game is fantastic!

ME1 is awesome. The new game is taking a bit of time to get used to. But Bioware hasn’t steered me wrong before.

So anyone who is going to/is now replaying the first before they touch the second, I just found this. It’s an amazing master checklist of everything in the game (in case you were growing tired of juggling wiki entries and checklists). No maps, of course, but it’s still a big step up from… anything other than a master checklist.

I’ve just been replaying ME1 to make sure I’ve got all the sidequests down. Can’t be bothered with the collection quests, though. Hopefully it doesn’t affect ME2 too much, Shepard’s supposed to be a Spectre, not a miner.

Apparently the metals you gather in the sequel you can use to upgrade and research new weapons and armour for the Normandy Mk II, making the collection efforts rather vital later.

Why replay 1 before playing 2 ? Does some stuff/stats carry over ?

Most of your major decisions and a bunch of sidequests carry over, although your stuff/stats don’t. So it seems to be a good idea to make absolutely sure you want to make the decisions you make

i.e., make sure Wrex doesn’t die, make sure you save who you need on Virmire, which ending you get etc. In side quest terms things like what you tell your fan on The Citadel has consequences that carry on to the sequel.

before the start of ME2, so you can squeeze more life out of it.

Huh. Neat.

Oh man, I just realized there is a point at which mass effect 1 won’t let you do any more side quests. anyone know at what point that is? I gotta finish them up before I get caught up in the final sequence.

After completing the initial 3 planets and returning to the citadel, heading to that last planet will lock you into the endgame.

You see code at the top of the screen. This code has to be matched with the code running across the viewing pane. When you find what you’re looking for, press select and then you’ll get another piece of code to match. You need to match three pieces, you have three tries to get it wrong, and if you hit one of the red areas, you’re out.

Important tip for those beginning the game: you don’t really need all that many resources to do the various upgrades. I spent a lot of time early on harvesting resources and ended up with far more than I needed.

While I’m enjoying my current play through of ME1 and I’m only a few side quests and two missions away from the end, ME2 is sitting on my hard drive mocking me!

Anyone know what ME2 assumes happens in ME1 if you don’t import a character?

I’ve heard that it assumes that “neutral” choices were made. I do know that it assumes that you allowed the Council to die.

You could always download and import one from here if you want to get started right away. It doesn’t matter what class your ME1 character was as you select a new one at the beginning of ME2.

I’m not going to put this in spoiler tag, since I think people are curious. I started a game last night without a save game import. This is what I’ve discovered so far:

[li]You had sexy time with Ashley[/li][li]Kaiden died on Vimare[/li][li]You let the Council get wasted[/li][li]Captain Anderson wasn’t appointed to the head of the new Council[/li][li]You were generally non-specists[/li][li]Wrex is dead[/li][li]You incouraged Gauris to quit C-Sec[/li][/ol]