Mass Effect 3 (spoilers inside)

Looks like Game Informer got the scoop on Mass Effect 3.

And some plot/game details here. (100% SPOILERIFFIC - you have been warned!)

So we’ve got some ME1 and ME2 characters as confirmed as playable (Virmire Survivor, Garrus), some making guest appearances (TIM, Wrex, Legion, Mordin) and a whole lot of nothing about the rest of the ME2 squad which are driving the fanbases over on Bioware Social Network crazy because their favorite is not mentioned…

Plotwise, it looks like Shepard is on trial for events in ME2, especially The Arrival and the opening stage is on Earth… The trial itself is interrupted by some surprise witnesses for the defense in the form of the Reapers who show up and start laying waste to everything. (Shepard: “I TOLD YOU SO! But would you believe me? Dismiss this claim now, biatches!”) So the ME3 trailer represents the opening act rather than the entirety of the game.

There are a lot of people freaking out because of disappointment in the new comic series, the idea of spending all of ME2 getting to know characters who won’t be around for 3, and the continuing war between the hard core RPGers who hated the “dumbing down” of game mechanics in 2, and those who were thrilled not to have to micromanage inventories and go on shopping sprees to get to the plot.

Me, personally, I’m happy with what I’m seeing. I’d pretty much like to see the whole gang from 2 come back, but just like with 1, having new characters was not a bad thing. As long as the narrative and personalities have the same emotional heft of the first to games, I’m good with it.

Going back to Baldur’s Gate, Bioware has always come through when it comes to giving suitably epic endings to their storylines. Their track record is pretty solid. I’m hopeful ME3 will end with a bang – or, as alluded to in the previews, multiple bangs as there will be several alternate endings.

What say the rest of you?

ME is my new Baldur’s gate this gen.

It’s been an epic ride from the get go and I doubt Bioware will disappoint with ME3 (as they did with DA2).

I like that SOME of the RPG elements that got tossed in ME2 are making a comeback like gun mods, I like that we are getting new crew mates while still getting to interact with old ones, and I’m glad those bastards in the government finally have their proof that I was right all along about the Reapers. Can’t wait to rub it in their ugly, alien faces!

I wonder if they’ll let the IP die with ME3.

I doubt it.

Also DX 11 features and HIGH RESOLUTION TEXTURES for the PC fans Bio! Common!

Nothing breaks the cinematic atmosphere of ME2 more than some ugly, pixelated, blurry texture staring you in the face during all of those close up cutscenes. Leave that kind of garbage on the consoles where it belongs.

I finally got a computer up to handling ME1/2, so I’m still working on the first two. I’m just a happy camper that Kaidan will be in ME3.

And similarly, I’m happier with this series right now than I am with Dragon Age. It seems like DA2 was rushed to put more staff on their Star Wars MMO, so I’m desperately hoping they don’t similarly hamstring ME3.

This galaxy is afraid of me. I have seen its true face. Space is an extended gutter and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and Councils will look up and shout “Save us!”… and I’ll look down and whisper:

“Ah yes, “Reapers”.”


I’m really psyched. Glad to see the few and famous survivors of the Suicide Plan are back, as well as the Virmire Survivor. The last was one of the biggest disappointments from ME2.

I am bummed that they’re letting DLC be the red thread that connects the games, though. Yes, a fair number of people bought it, but they stick themselves in the position of either making DLC mandatory so you can connect the dots with the stories, or making the DLCs essentially useless since - I believe - the majority of players won’t touch it. It’d be cool if they packed the ME2 DLC in with the ME3 disc in a special edition, to bridge the gap, but I can’t see that being interesting to Bioware.

Sounds awesome.

Yes! As long as my main man, my D-O-G, the G-man, Mr. Vakarian himself his back, I don’t care about other stuff. He’s my bro.

Oh, and my other half Liara. Who is also the Shadow Broker now. That’s right, I’m tapping the Shadow Broker. Never expected that when I was speculating with Barla Von in ME 1. Is he an AI? A committee? No, he’s a big fucking monster you’ll replace with that cute shy archaeologist girl. However, for this reason I don’t know how she’ll be a squadmate.

After Arrival and Hackett’s comments I theorised that ME3 would start with a trial, but what about the majority of players who don’t have Arrival? On trial for your Cerberus affiliation?

The latter seems likely (or as an afterthought if you played Arrival). On the official forums I’ve read that Cerberus is now ‘after’ Shepard in ME3 and keeping the base is a bad idea. Goddamn it. Stupid paragons! Looks like the only Shepard that will save Earth in ME3 for me is my whiter-than-white engineer femshep. My main paragade adept looks like he’s a bit screwed. Serves me right after Akuze…

Still, I hate metagaming.

Hear hear… Got VG on the team, I’m happy. Always there if you need him.

Not messing with the spoiler tags, because it’s in the thread title. If you haven’t played ME2, or don’t want ME3 ruined for ya, what the heck are you doing in here? :smiley:

As far as being on trial without playing Arrival, from what I understand it’s a pretty linear plotline in that DLC with no real choices. The end result is the same no matter how you play it, so it can be explained with a cutscene and you’re on the hook for that system regardless if you paid the $7.

As far as the base and Cerberus go, I can see TIM and Cerberus coming after Shepard for one of two reasons. 1) Shep knows an AWFUL lot about Cerberus now and might be inclined to talk. In addition, Shepard has effectively turned the Cerberus flagship into his own private yacht with a crew that will lay down in lava for him. TIM may get a little tired of seeing his people turn into Shepard fanboys, even though he’s one himself. This one is a little weak.

Then there’s 2) Indoctrination. Cerberus goes after Shepard because the reapers will it. They obviously send a bunch of dudes to study the spared base, but since when has that ever worked out? The Cerbies get the zap put on them, start using Cerberus resources to work on bringing their reaper homies through, and maybe TIM himself is eliminated trying to protect his investment, this getting rid of the one guy in the organization who truly believed in Shepard. This could also be justification for why keeping the base is a bad idea.

I hope there’s a decent explanation other than some lame moralizing. In Shepard’s position, I’d keep that base every single time. It’s just got too much potential for intel about the enemy to throw away - though I would damn sure tell both the Alliance and Citadel Council all about it… Perhaps another incentive for Cerberus to turn on their former champion.

I think this video sums it up the best, though it’s been invalidated by ME3… Still cracks me up every time though.

True, didn’t want to ruin any DLC. I didn’t buy any DLC for ME1, and only ran across one DLC ref in ME2; a news broadcast mentioned that the hostages died without Shepard in Bring Down the Sky. As far as I can tell the woeful Pinnacle Station isn’t mentioned at all. However, the ME2 bridging DLC is a lot more significant in scope. I’ve admittedly no idea how they’ll bring the DLC plots along to those who never played it, along with all the canon that came with ME1 and 2 for players that might not have played that. In ME2 for the PS3 they used a comic, Genesis.

On the first, I disagree simply for the reason that regardless of his faults, TIM is pro-humanity. That’s his thing. Despite ideological differences he recognises Shepard as “…a valuable asset, for all of humanity”. He even brought back my paragon Akuze survivor who hunted Cerberus cells for sport. The first human Spectre who stopped Saren/Sovvie, saved the Council earning the galaxy’s trust or placed humanity at the forefront of the galaxy? TIM would never kill Shepard after spending billions bringing him back. If he dies on the suicide mission, even TIM seems rattled, but resolute that humanity will find a way.

Indoctrination…always a risk with Reaper tech, but this would be a rather annoying ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ situation regarding the base. Blow it up, and Cerberus is pissed at you and comes after you. Don’t, and they’re indoctrinated and come after you. Although even indoctrinated, Cerberus (and Alliance) crews can still turn up vital info before they start impaling themselves - witness the Derelict Reaper and Object Rho.

Ha, absolo-friggin’-lutely. Hackett’s presence in Arrival and the mention/prominent role of the Alliance in ME3 suggests that they will be back in a big way. I too miss an option to give the base to the Alliance/Council, but Bioware have enough strings to tie up, so I’ll let them off.