Mass shooting at Highland Park, IL Fourth of July parade {2022-07-04}

This is right down the road from me, in a town where I had lots of friends as a kid. It seems inevitable that I’m going to know somebody who knows somebody who was hurt or killed.

This is horrible. I’m not the only person who sees a lot of parallels between this, and the Boston Marathon bombing.

And Victoria BC, in which the bank robbery by twin 22 year-old white males seems to be less about $ and more about engaging the police in a shoot-out.

Kyle Rittenhouse was another one I was thinking of, but I could not remember his name earlier.

Yep, I was supposed to go to a picnic on the Evanston lakefront, which I have co-hosted since I was a kid. Evanston cancelled all their holiday festivities, including the fireworks, and has closed the beaches for today at least.

I got married in downtown Highland Park (they have a nice community space that you could rent) and know lots of people in the surrounding suburbs. It’s an extremely wealthy, peaceful area. I doubt Highland Park Hospital normally sees much in the way of gunshot wound trauma. A friend of a friend posted on Facebook that Highland Park Hospital stopped ER admissions (source: a nurse friend who works in the ER there).

Hopefully the suburbs who cancelled holiday activities have done so out of an abundance of caution, but given that the shooter is still running around out there, it seemed sensible.

Just because this shooter left one “high-powered rifle” behind (at/near the crime scene) doesn’t mean it was his only weapon, or even his only “high-powered rifle.”

The threat is still quite high, IMHO.

If anyone is interested in movies where they might have seen Highland Park as a filming location there were lots of popular movies shot there such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or Risky Business:

I made the mistake of looking at Yahoo Comments for this story. Now I feel like there is zero hope for this country.

At a press conference they’ve just identified the shooter by name (Bobby Crimo, aged 22). He’s still on the loose.

It’s worth noting that he is Robert “Bobby” Crimo III.

I just peeked at what was happening on what looks to be his father’s Facebook page.

Yeah. It’s ugly.

I’m pretty sure I found a couple of his “rap” videos, but I don’t want to post a direct link in case I’m wrong.

I found a Linked In account that seems to match up, and it had a link to his website, which was pretty sparse but had a couple of videos.

Great, so rap music is going to get the right wing blame.

(On your cue, I found the same sort of links to rap music. It sounds like he was failing at his attempt at a music career, as I saw references to how his music had been taken down from various platforms).

Jesus Christ. Whether or not that’s the father, he should probably just set everything to private.

I wonder how much social media gets posted that no one ever reads or listens too? Lone wolves often don’t have followers.

A lot of these kooks telegraph their disturb rantings long before acting on them.

I see 6 dead and 24 wounded on current headlines. My heart goes out to them and their families.

Any ideas on what the symbol means? Looks like a very pointy version of the Apple Command key (or what was called the Open Apple key waaaaaaay back in the day, due to the presence of an unfilled Apple logo).

obscured swastika?

What are you seeing that’s ugly? I’m not on Facebook, but without logging on I’m seeing a page for an older Bob Crimo with some unremarkable photos that show he ran unsuccessfully for mayor of Highland Park in 2019.

Damn. The news articles say, “He is believed to be driving a 2010 silver Honda Fit.” I drive a 2010 silver Honda Fit, though not one with Illinois plates.

The comments that people are putting on the father’s “wall --”

  • some, apparently knowing that it’s the father of the alleged mass murderer;
  • some, apparently *assuming" it’s the alleged mass murderer himself
  • some figuring “close” is close enough (and not caring too awfully much)

Ah, okay - good that you clarified that, because it sounded like you had found a page that was his father/grandfather and he was a Nazi lunatic with dozens of guns or something.