Massacre in the Philipines

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Ibrahim Mangudadatu wanted to run for governor of Maguindanao province in May but had received threats he would be killed if he filed the candidate nomination papers himself. He sent his wife and sisters to file the papers, thinking “that women would have some protection,” journalist Maria Ressa told CNN.

and later in the same article:

Those killed include Mangudadatu’s wife and one of his sisters, according to two of his family members who spoke on local television.

Gotta wonder what kind of man sends his wife into a situation like that.

One who has incorrectly gauged the amount of respect his opponents have for women.

True…but still, if the guy thinks it is too dangerous for him to file the papers personally, why would he send his wife into that situation? I’d either file by mail, if possible, do it myself and take my chances, or hire a courier service. Sending family members into harm’s way would just never cross my mind as an option.

If you have enough money to run for governor, you have enough money to move your family someplace safer. Like Falujah.