Massive treasure found in India

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The treasure is estimated to be worth over 750 billion rupees, which is over 16 billion dollars. Two vaults out of six are still unopened, so the total estimate on the value will likely rise even higher. Is this one of the biggest treasure finds ever? A quick search seemed to indicate that a lot of other finds don’t have a specific estimate on value. It’s hard to evaluate the historical value of specific finds of course.

Does the royal family that owns the temple own all the treasure, or could the Indian Government lay some claim to it as “national treasure”?

If genuine, the value as a tourist attraction may ultimately be greater than the gold value.

Put it on display, like the Crown Jewels of England.

Very cool.

  1. The treasure was found in a temple which for all purposes was owned by the erstwhile royal family of Travancore which ruled the state for almost 1000 years.

  2. The state of Travancore had trade with many nations mainly for pepper and spices.

  3. The royals collected tax mainly as money and gold ,which they donated to the temple ( A ruler, in 1750, surrendered the kingdom to the temple deity, and then ruled as the representatives of the deity).

  4. Other kings also donated to the temple frequently.

  5. The kings lived without any ostentatious display of this wealth (unlike some north indian kings).That is why Brits were unable to loot this.Otherwise these would ended up in some London gallery or in Queen’s crown.

  6. Kings also borrowed from this,with permission of administrators,for treasury expenses.

  7. Ownership of this treasure is a hot issue now here, with Hindu organisations calling it as Hindu wealth and not to be used by government. This case sure is going to the be fought in Supreme court of India.

You have a Temple Affairs Minister?

In Kerala, government has administrative control of temples. The income from temples goes into government treasury.Where as Muslim and christian places of worship can keep and spend their income.

This particular temple was administered by the current kings directly and is a contentious issue, with control never being given to government. This inventory taking is ordered by court, after someone challenged the rulers and went to court.

This wealth can probably a great booster for state coffers, but Hindu organisations will not let go easily. Already an atheist who demanded so was attacked.

Indian, apologies if I am not understanding correctly.

I think you are saying that Muslim and Christian faiths control the wealth from their temples, but this one is Hindu?

wow, one of the vaults is unopened since 1872? how many people knew this secret? was this a secret? for comparison, what’s the biggest museum in the world and its new worth?

State of Kerala has 25% muslim and 20% christian population.They get minority status.

There are wealthy christian churches and mosques (wealth coming from donations and offerings). Their wealth is controlled by respective faiths and not by state. They spend it mainly on their own community welfare.

Pre-independence, temples were sort of self administered. Then government decided to take over administrative control of most temples.The donations coming from devotees goes to state coffers, part of which is spent as salary to staff, upkeep of temple infrastructure and overheads.

This temple is Hindu, controlled by the family of rulers and remained out of government control.

It was widely rumoured to contain treasure.But this inventory has got everyone by surprise. It is too huge and may overtake tirupati temple in state of Andhra pradesh.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 2!

I was thinking of this and of the National Treasure movies. It sounds completely implausible. And cool.

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It seems to be.


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