Masssively inappropiate video game adaptations

That Precious video game joke during the Oscars is still stuck in my head. I imagine a sandbox type game, where you go around stealing fried chicken, get to class on time while trying to avoid getting raped, and the final battle is against your mom, who throws TVs and babies at you.

What other movies can you think of that would translate horribly (or hilariously) to video game format? Be sure to include a brief description of how the end result would be.

I think the videogame adaptation of Johnny Got His Gun could be a lot of fun. You sit in front of a blank screen with no sound and tap out “kill me” in Morse code on the controller until the game abruptly ends, leaving you unsure if you’ve won or lost or why you were even playing.

How about “Schindler’s List”? You get points for how many concentration camp inmates you can score to work in your factory, and even more points if you can manage to smuggle them out of the country. Or if you wanted something a bit more active, you could drive your car full of smuggled Jews through a gauntlet of Nazis, avoiding obstacles as you go.

Misery the video game. It’s a typing game where you play the role of Paul Sheldon. The longer you go without making a mistake, the further you sneak away from the house. If you slip up Kathy Bates hobbles you. The difficulty you choose determines the minimum WPM you must maintain.

This is not completely related, but it reminded me: there’s already been at least one game based on a movie based on a game. I wonder if there are any movies based on a game that was based on a movie?

I’ll always love the Simpsons gag about a “My Dinner With Andre” arcade game.

“Bon mot!”


Motosport Rally."*

Wouldn’t Dante’s Inferno qualify? I haven’t played it but Yahtzee gave it his usual bile filled review and even when I first heard of it I was wondering why they choose that source material.

And include the option where you play with the ‘other side’ (like Command and Conquer used to have)…I’ll let everyone fill the particularities in themselves…

There was a funny April fools joke a couple of years back in some video game magazine about them introducing a Lord of the Rings racing game. The picture was the funniest part. It showed Gandalf racing in a wooden contraption with fireworks strapped to the sides of the “car”.

How is that any weirder than (the all too real) Typing of the Dead?

Well, fewer zombies and more insane fans, I’d assume.

I love Typing of the Dead! :smiley:

Rockstar Games presents: Salo! The Video Game! Now you can, uh…

Cripes, even the description would get it an AO rating.

lord of the flies

The Donner Party

Trafficking. But should it be sandbox or rts?

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? – multi-player game where you destroy each other using only cutting remarks. Winner is the last player with a shread of dignity.

Memento – every 15 minutes the game reboots and wipes out any data you have stored, so you have to keep starting over. Have fun!

Sadly it’s already been done - behold KZ Manager, perhaps the most vile concept ever…

Koyaanisqatsi – the game randomly slows to a crawl then speeds up as you try to balance it all.