Master and Commander

Apparently it just started filming.
But these guys don’t look like Aubrey and Marturin.
How come Stephen gets first billing?

Looks like they’re gonna screw it up. Crowe is way too old to play Aubrey at that stage of his career. Aubrey is a big, puppy of a guy, totally gormless except at sea. Crowe is likely to play the part as a tortured Horatio Hornblower sort of character.

The other guy is way, way too good-looking for Maturin.

If they could have been younger, I’d go for Rutger Hauer and Dustin Hoffman.

“I have faith, Sir, in Captain Aubrey’s ability to catch anything that swims. There is not a moment to be lost!” -Marturin, I forget the novel.

Corona’s Coming Attractions gave one tip that the movie’s plot will actually be based on “The Far Side of the World,” which takes place much later in Aubrey’s career.