Masters and Servants (UK tv one-off), or, Hitler in drag.

Never have I wanted to smash a person’s face in with a two-by-four as much I did tonight watching ‘Masters and servants’.

What a trully black-hearted cold blooded ugly bitch of a cow that woman was.

Sorry if this goes over most people’s heads for either not having watched it or not having the privelige to get UK Channel 4, I just had to vent. (and I didn’t want to do that in the pit because right now the pit is for more serious matters than tv-shows-that-piss-me-off)

I feel sorry, trully sorry for the family that put up with her disgusting attitude, evil put-downs, ugly UGLY face. I feel sorry for her eight kids who by virtue of being young and impressionable have ALREADY developed that horrible personality. To her, cleanliness is more important than having a soul.

I trully hope other dopers saw it so that we can all let off steam together. I hope some more articulate dopers can slag this MOO off in such a way that I can get closure by reading it, knowning that some small justice has been done.