Match the Winter sport to the country

When you think of Winter sports, what countries do you think of for various ones? I’m not talking about individual athletes, or which countries have won the most events fro year to year; just what countries spring to mind when you think of various events.

Alpine skiing
Switzerland and Austria, because of the Alps. France, Germany, and Italy too, of course.

Nordic skiing
The Nordic countries. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland.

Mogul and Freestyle skiing
USA. Freestyle, especially, just seems to fit with American culture.

USA. Skateboard culture.


Germany and Switzerland. And Jamaica, because I totally dig the audacity.

Skating (racing)
The Netherlands.


No countries immediately come to mind (at least at the moment) for Luge, Skeleton, or Ski Jumping.

Luge and Skeleton? German engineering. Interesting to note that the US’ recent successes in Bobsled are pretty much the result of NASCAR people getting involved with sled design.