math help

Where do parentheses go to make this equation work? 9+12/3+4/2+1x2=12
x=multiplication(not a variable)
/=division(couldn’t figure out what else to use for it)

Greatly appreciated:D

I’m confused. This string does not equal 12.

Well, if you bear in mind the fact that your answer ‘12’ is a whole number, that eliminates a couple of possibilities…

If you then consider what you need to add to ‘9’ to get to ‘12’, well, there’s your answer !

don’t thank me, just trying to help the community

= 9+12/(3+4/4)
= 9+12/4
= 12


The way the equation is written it doesn’t equal 12. I need to know where you add parentheses in the equation so that it will equal 12. Like this, 9+12/3+4/2+1x2=8. Add parentheses in it like this, ([9+12]/3)+4/(2+[1x2])=8 and it becomes true. I need to know where in 9+12/3+4/2+1x2=12 you add parentheses/bracets to make the equation true and equal to 12.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I’m stumped :frowning:

While I was typing up that last post it seems someone has answered it. Heh, so disregard my last post there. And again, thank you loads for the help :slight_smile:

And both Orbifold and davidm have shown you how to do it.

Well, now you can obviously disregard my last post as well.

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