Math Puzzle Help

I was looking for neat tutoring ideas and I stumbled across a math puzzle that I cannot work out (I’ve only worked on it for about ten minutes, which is probably part of my problem). Dopers, please help! You can find the puzzle at

You’re supposed to cut out two shapes, assemble them, and then put the three dimensional shapes together to form a pyramid. I have the shapes but I cannot visualize how they’d fit together as a pyramid. Part of me wonders if the puzzle is unsolvable just so subs can keep a class busy.

Any thoughts?

What shape do you see on the cutouts that you do not see on a pyramid?

Oh. And what sort of pyramid are you thinking of?

That first question did it. Thanks. I feel dumb now, but I have a grin on my face.

Don’t worry. I do this for a living. Not a good living, but…