Matrix: Revolutions (WARNING! Spoilers.)

I just got back from this movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found the ending quite satisfying, which surprised me seeing as I had for some reason expected it to disappoint me.

Some general thoughts before I go to sleep and forget it all:

I didn’t feel that the Niobe/Morpheus/Locke situation was resolved very well. Is she going to go back to Morpheus now, or stay with her current guy? Was there some implication in the dialogue that I missed with the whole “some things do change” thing?

The ending seemed obviously open-ended. Is there any word on whether the W brothers are planning another?

Why do the machines keep the peace? It seems to me they have nothing to gain by peace with Zion. A more ruthless machine-like thinking would be to get Neo to kill Smith, then kill both Neo and Zion.

Just got back from the movie. Loved every minute of it. Might go see it again while i have some time off from work.

The W Brothers are not making anymore matrix movies. I read in a newspaper they said “they wanted to tell a story and that is all” so no more matrix other than a RPG that is comming out in the near future.

And i figure from what the Architect said at the end, the machines keep thier words…unlike us humans.

I think the machines will choose to keep the peace because of Smith. They are very logic-driven, and I’m sure they realize the biggest threat to them to date was not the humans, but Smith. Since the machines couldn’t forsee Smith becoming a rogue agent and doing what he did, they also can’t be sure it won’t happen again… unless there’s no need for agents anymore.

That’s my idea anyway. Please feel free to offer alternate ideas (like anyone here needed to be told that.) :slight_smile:

I’m still trying to work out if I like it or not.

There are parts of it that are very well done, but other parts seemed to me like they didn’t actually add anything to the film.

And my biggest annoyance is that none of the questions from Reloaded have actually been answered.

But I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Just saw Revolutions

If there were any epic battle between God and the Devil, I think the final fight between Neo and Smith comes pretty close to showing what would happen.

I found the ending somewhat unsatisfying as compared to the beginning, which I found to be completely insane :slight_smile:

On a final note I’d like to say…

Monica Bellucci is fuggin HOT!!! I drooled with brain melting desire when I saw her in that dress.


My guess is that the Bros. were “preaching to the choir”: if you don’t know some things about computation, you’ll be annoyed at the lack of explanation of issues brought up in Reloaded.

If you do, you don’t need the explanations; it’s obvious.

I would say that I liked it but it did not satisfy me. it seems like the whole scene with the architecht from reloaded wasn’t “resolved”.

My feelings after seeing it are that they should have left the first movie alone. I agree - Reloaded left so many unanswered questions that Revolutions seemed to ignore.

Bane/Smith’s existence in the real world is not really explained. What was the point, other than messing up Neo?

There were more than enough sentinals to take out the APCs in the Dock. THey should have been wiped out long before the Hammer got there.

Anyone else think that was an angel that the light formed around Neo at the end?

Let’s be more specific about which issues we’re confused about so we can all discuss and be enlightened. Remember, fighting ignorance.

As for myself, I was very satisfied. The final fight scene was awesome. Like real life anime. Even though some is CG. The only thing I found a little unsettling was the final fate of Neo. It’s pretty clear that he’s dead, having sacrificed everything to save Zion but the Oracle says something like “We’ll see him again later”. Does she mean the next One? Is he integrated into the Matrix?

Just saw it; I thought it was terrible. The fight scenes are boring, sure they are pretty, but they don’t move the story. The sentinle attack on the dock was stupid to the point of being silly. Overall, I give this movie a C-. The first Matrix was great, it was fresh and interesting, the last two have sucked.

Also just saw it. I liked the first one OK, thought it was way overrated. Thought the 2nd one sucked, althought I liked the Ghost twins people. I though this one was terrible.

There’s no way in hell anyone fighting inside the Dock of Zion lives longer than two minutes. Why didn’t the Sentinels toss their little bombs they had in the 2nd movie at Niobe’s ship? Or at anyone? Where was the solid white control room where everyone sat in front of glass? Why introduce that entire “train depot” scene and then abandon it? (Altough I welcome Bruce Spence in any movie). The Merovingian scene answered absolutely nothing from all the questions it raised in the last one, and they didn’t even use the cool ghost twins!!! What, are we to believe that they were killed when Morpheus blew up their truck on the freeway? They sure didn’t look dead to me at the end of that scene - they looked like the morphed into their ghostly selves to fight another day. Seraph was worthless - and what was all that “prodigal son has returned” bullshit with Merovingian? I guess he betrayed them…somehow for some reason.

So Neo figures out that he can destroy Smith by letting Smith kill him, thereby ending his purpose and the Matrix can reset. Great. And the Architect says machines keep their word, so they’ll set anyone free who asks. I guess they didn’t need humans as batteries after all. And what the hell was that 5 year-old Indian girl talking about when she said she “made the sunrise for Neo”?? Excuse me? I guess she got promoted to “Lead Developer - Sunrise Division”?

I think they should have trimmed the holy hell out of the last two movies and maybe they’d have had one good one. Blech.

Dooku - all good points, I had forgotten about the bombs, but I will say as I was watching this debacle that my first thought when the drill broke through was, “When are the machines going to drop a big old grenande down that hole?” Instead they swarm around like a bunch of sardines, doing their best not to win. And, since there are all these tubes that lead to the dock, why bother with the drills at all? They obviously know where to drill, so why not just fly down there like the humans do? It makes no sense. This movie was rubish, the more I think about a C- was being too nice. This movie was a total failure.

Battle for the Zion Dock - I agree. They (the sentinals) could have wiped them out much faster.

Bombs not flung at the Hammer - The Hammer was running full speed down a narrow tube. 1) The sentinals need room to spin, 2) The previous targets had been stationary. Yes, they flung them at Neo’s ship, too, but he was coming at them, not running away.

Control room. This was a Construct. Where were the operators plugged in? I don’t remember from Reloaded. They might have been too vulnerable to use the Construct during the attack. I think they were out in the open.

The train depot. I dunno.

The Merovingian scene - because Persephone was extra smokin’ hot! I was waiting for one of the twins to pop out. And I’m not talking about the twins from Reloaded.

I didn’t care for it. Too much “Lets see how fast we can fly into each other and make bigger & bigger shock waves!”

My first thought was, “didn’t we have a big thread in GQ about how ineffective mecha are as weapons?” So the humans have energy weapons for the infantry, but the only way to defend against swarms of thousands of sentinels is with robo-mecha firing millions of rounds of ammunition at them. Reminds me a little too much of “Starship Troopers”, but at least that movie didn’t take itself so seriously.

I predicted back in the 11-page “Reloaded” thread that the third movie wouldn’t explain a damn thing from the first two movies. All the fan-boys typing up detailed explanations and theories are waaay more creative than the Wachowski’s could have been. This seemed like a movie that went across too many desks in its genesis. I can imagine someone reading a first draft of the script and saying, “but you need a big, climactic battle scene. All the action movies have them now.”

Please, no more sequels. Let this story finally die…

Just got back from this eye festival. Quite worth the money!
The squid/loader fight was awesome.
The Neo/Smith fight was cool, but kinda boring.
The philosphical resolutions were as loose as a wet noodle-- I was afraid the Bros were just Philosphy For Dummies whores, and was right. Hollywood wins in the end. Again.

I wasn’t disappointed, but I still think Reloaded was may favorite of the three. I am so glad that they didn’t even consider that Zion’s world might be another Matrix; I never liked that idea.

I thought the whole point of the APU’s was that they were completely hydraulic/mechanical, and so they wouldn’t be susceptible to the EMP. But what Lock said contradicts this.

Here’s what I want to know (as requested by Tyler Do’Urden). What exactly was the choice that the Oracle couldn’t see past? Why did Smith call the Oracle Mom? It seemed like the Oracle did something after being “assimilated”, but what? How was Smith defeated at the end? What was wrong with him at that point? What did the Oracle and the Architect mean at the end about “the others” being set free?

And here are some questions that may not have any answers. When did Neo go from being wirelessly plugged in to actually plugged in? How did Seraph and Sati get away from Smith? What’s the significance of the eyes of the Oracle? Why don’t they keep an EMP in the Dock? Were there any humans left in the Matrix at the end of it all? Weren’t those robotic bugs in the machine city creepy?

I have to say I feel I wasted most of the money seeing it today. I should have waited for a matinee. This is going to be random thoughts in no apparent order.

The only reason I could think for the entire Merovingian scene was that one of the brothers left his wife for a dominatrix and she wanted a bondage scene. Otherwise it was useless. We learned NOTHING.

Was the little girl at the end supposed to be the next Oracle or the next One? How does being with the Oracle protect her from being deleted? I got she was a child process but nothing else with her made sense. Was I the only one who thought Neo was getting the agreement that processes, like the little girl, could also be free? Thus he is the savior of both the machines and the humans. I really thought the Christ symbolism was overdone, the angel, the cross of light from his body, the entire procession down from his sacrifice was much too overdone in Christ self-sacrifice symbolism for me.

No shit. That’s what I was thinking. It’s stupid overlooks like this that make the whole trilogy look B-movie-ish. Special effects=A+, Story=D-.

Just got back from it. Astonished at how much I disliked it. Too much was overdone or ridiculous (especially the last fight) and the audience I saw it with laughed at several of the ‘dramatic’ scenes. I thought the first two movies were okay, although I didn’t get the hype. This was dreadful. It was like a bunch of bad cliches and poorly thought out symbolism strung together by a series of explosions. I still can’t get over how much I disliked it… I expected to enjoy it a lot more than this. The two people I saw it with liked it more than I did, but we all agreed that the last fight was pushing it way, way too far. Evil laughter and lightning crashing? Honestly.

The choice to believe in Neo. After all, she allowed herself to be assimilated based on the trust, not knowing if she’d come out of it or not. JMO.

Wasn’t that a reference to Reloaded, when the Architect said, “If I am the father of the matrix, she would undoubtedly be its mother”? She was the part of the machine that still cared about humans and wanted peace, it seems. A balanced equation doesn’t allow for human emotions and irrationality, which is why she wanted unbalance.

Going along with the virus analogy, it was as if Neo allowed himself to “catch” Smith, and then with a shot of energy from the machines, was able to inoculate himself against Smith and overcome the invading program. This caused a chain reaction that freed everyone who had been assimilated.

I think assimilating her took a lot of energy from him, but he was able to do it, which is why he laughed.

I took that to mean that the machines would allow Zion to exist for those who want to leave, and won’t persecute them anymore. This is what the Oracle wanted; a dynamic equation that balanced via peace between man and machine and allowed for human freedom and feeling. Based on the Animatrix, that’s what the machines wanted too, deep down. Man was the only one not on board, but Neo changed that. I bet most people wish to remain in the Matrix, though, so the battery issue won’t be a problem.

Wasn’t that in the machine city (isn’t it called 1.0?)? I’m not sure why he had to jack in then; maybe so the machines could help him?

They didn’t. They were assimilated, which is how Smith knew what the Oracle said about cookies needing love. They were freed along with everyone else when Neo destroyed Smith.

In mythology, seers and gods gave their eyes for wisdom, for the power of true sight. Why did the Merovingian want them? Who the hell knows? He remains totally unexplained, except his scene was heavy on the Lucifer imagery (the Hell Club, the red and black outfits, the wife’s name). Was he supposed to be the devil or what?

Good question. Did they just use them all up or something?

They had all been assimilated by Smith, so when he was defeated, they were all released. I wonder what they thought happened.

Now I have some questions: how did Sati have the power to affect the sky? Why was she going to be deleted? How did the Oracle prevent her deletion? Did Neo become part of the machines at the end?

How did the little girl “write” a sunrise? Did she program it in Java?

Anyhoo, I feel like Krusty after watching Worker and Parasite: “What the hell was that?!”

Okay, so Sean Bean gets impaled three times and still manages a long-drawn-out death scene at the end of LOTR, and Trinity gets impaled four times and still managed a long-drawn-out death scene. I don’t like where this is going. Future movies might have secondary characters with more spikes in them than porcupines, yet still managing to gasp out variations on “I love you” for fifteen minutes.

I was completely lost when the giant machine-face said “It is done.” It was? Did I miss something?

It wasn’t as determinedly incoherent as Reloaded, is about the best I can say of it.