Check out the top portion of tonights Drudge Report:

Now I have always enjoyed Matt Drudge’s website and his radio show when it was on, and while I rarely agree with his conservative “bent” however I never took him for an overt racist.

But I have to admit, this sudden spattering of headlines on his site made me raise my eyebrows: “Urban” war zone . . . . . Violent crime during “Black” biker week . . … “rib fest” turns rowdy . . . . “urban” melee . . . .unruly “urban” crowd . . . . dozens of “gangbangers” . . . .

I mean come on, is this veiled racism, or at the very least, racial code, at its worst or not?

Hey, Drudge, there’s one thing worst than an overt racist: it’s a closet one.

A few Memorial Day brawls in some black communities does not exactly equal Helter Skelter!:smiley:

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But you didn’t give anyone a chance to Pit me yet! :cool:

Well, surely you know that you can’t refer to race if it is a story which reflects poorly on oppressed minorities. :slight_smile: Therefore code words, like “urban”, “inner city” and “youths” need to be used. People can figure out the rest by using their common sense.

Keep in mind Auster’s First Law of Majority-Minority Relations in Liberal Society:

Negro? Man, in my day the preferred term was ‘dazzling urbanite’.

I know.

It’s so horrible in America being a white guy. Minorities have it so much easier.

Thankfully I’m not one.

Granted, there are some advantages to being a minority.

Being a poor minority does suck, but being a white guy reduced to living in his mother’s basement with the highlight of one’s day being the chance to troll on the internet must be especially humiliating.

Minorities in such a position can point to racism for their problems, but white guys in such a situation, well, they have no one to blame but themselves.

Besides, the only thing worse than being a loser is being a loser with a small penis.

How long until the word “urban” becomes un-PC

Hahaha, nice one :smiley: Of course I never said minorities have it so much easier, but you obviously had to get that off your chest I guess.

Matt Drudge aside, what went down in Miami and Charlotte was a bit more than a brawl.

Refer to Auster’s first law above.

“Rib fest” is racial code? :dubious: Not this side of the Mason-Dixon.