Mattress fabric and colors

In several places I’ve lived (including here), I’ve seen ads from local mattress stores advertising a sale on “mismatched” mattresses and box springs, where the fabric on the two isn’t the same. In a similar vein, a few years ago when we were shopping for a new mattress, some touted things like cashmere yarn used in the fabric.

All this makes me ask, WTF? Does anybody sleep directly on the mattress? Does anyone leave it sitting in the room bare except when they’re changing sheets? If not, what difference does the fabric make? Why do they even bother putting a color or pattern on it? Can you really feel cashmere through a mattress pad and sheet? Is it all just marketing? Knowing what I know about other mattress sales tactics, I’m suspecting it’s just marketing, but even for the mattress business it seems pretty stupid…

I took your words, mattress sales tactics, and came up with what is in the link. See this one —>

Not just any pattern, but typically a floral pattern…because women tend to be the one’s picking out the mattress.
When I picked out a new mattress for my 4 year old there was one at the store that had a giant Sponge Bob pattern on it (and it was more expensive). Ignoring the fact that once the sheets were on it you’d never see that, I would have had a crying child when I didn’t get that one and I could see that swaying a lot of parents.