Max Payne movie (open spoilers)

Anyone seen this yet? I will say that the movie wasn’t what I thought it would be from the trailers. I’m not sure yet whether that’s a good or bad thing. It did keep me guessing. Oh, and stay til the end of the credits.

Spoilers starting next post

So… the big big spoiler is of course…
The valkaries aren’t real, they are just drug hallucinations. I was expecting an action pathos movie with some kind of mythological undertone, and the movie keeps you guessing in that regard til about 75% of the way through the movie. Although having the valkaries be real would have made for a kick ass movie, the movie that it ended up being was interesting too. It started out as a kind of paranormal mystery, and worked it’s way through cop drama, conspiracy story, and finally revenge.

Having gotten revenge, and seemingly on the verge of death and ready to meet his loved ones in the afterlife, his death would make a good ending. But they didn’t let him die. And then after the credits they set him and the Russian babe up for getting revenge on the woman who wasn’t the direct bad guy but is in charge of the company. But what’s the point? If the movie had just been a straight up revenge drama without the murder mystery and valkarie stuff it wouldn’t have been as interesting. Now that all that is resolved there’s no mystery left, only revenge on some woman who wasn’t all that involved in what was going on.

What was up with that C-4??? I can almost buy having a large security team in an office building with machine guns since they do some military contracting and have some less than above the board associates. But having C-4 explosives on hand?

So, this *isn’t *the movie about the drill sergeant that just yelled at everyone until he fell in love and found his softer side?

(slopes off) Edits back in - 'cause that was Major Payne! (slopes off again)

Rotten Tomatoes has it at a pathetic 17%. Given that, I can’t imagine why anybody would waste their time.

Because people have different tastes. I’m going to assume most people aren’t the type to always just take the opinions of others as their own. Did you at least read any of the views to see if they might have reasons that you’d identify with on why it was a bad movie? Or did you only go on rating alone.

As an example, my wife and I saw Eagle Eye the other night. One of the common complaints was about how unrealistic it was. :rolleyes: Really? Unrealistic? Well… DUH!!! Anyway, that wasn’t a big issue with me, as it has nothing to do with the entertainment value for me.
That being said, I saw it because I was a big fan of the video game. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t great either.

I realize people have different tastes. If one has a taste for rotten movies, apparently, this one is for you.

Some quotes from the critics include, “clunky action, chaotic plotting and embarrassing dialogue.”, “cliched and boring.”, “No amount of generosity could excuse the levels of ineptitude on display here”, “convoluted and leaden”, “painful to watch”, and “Max Payne may be the worst movie of the year. The ‘may be’ qualifier is only because the year isn’t over yet.”

If 58 out of 70 reviews are like that, it’s a pretty sure bet this isn’t a movie I’d enjoy, or even make it through.

RT isn’t always useful when it comes to movies you expect to be dumb, but enjoyable. For example, Dragon Wars was one of the stupidest movies ever made by almost any measure, but it’s also one of my favorites because of 1) the MST3K factor and 2) it had some cool shit - dragons vs helicopters is DUMB but extremely enjoyable. There were a lot of potentially dumb things about this movie, but the mystery and genre shifting kept it interesting enough for me. Neither :rolleyes: nor :smiley: but a lot of :dubious:

On IMDB, as I write this, it rates 7.1 - better than every movie in the top 5 at the box office last week other than the vastly overrated Body of Lies. The top ranked movie rates 2.2 and is the 78th worst movie ever made.

I saw it with my son, who was keen to see it, and although both of us had plenty of criticisms there was much that we liked.

For trivia nerds Mr Wahlberg’s “trainer and chef” was credited as Phil Wahlberg. My son and I looked at one another and said, “Johnny Drama.” I don’t recall seeing it before so I wonder if it is a private joke for Entourage fans.

How was [del]sweet, sweet Sucre[/del] Amaury Nolasco as a villain?

Shirtless and tattooed ::drool::

He was fine in the role, but the role wasn’t exactly what you’d expect it to be from the trailers and from the set up in the movie.

I just saw Max Payne, and it is without a doubt a shining example of what is wrong with Hollywood movies. They obviously spent a lot of time and attention on the look of the movie, and it is visually stunning. But the look of the movie is really the only good thing about it. The only good acting came from Beau Bridges. All the other acting was just acceptable. And the dialog was indeed not very good. This is by no means a bad movie. I actually enjoyed it a quite a lot, but it was a little frustrating, because it could have been a much better movie. If a fraction of the effort that was put into how the film looks was put into the story and into the acting, this would have been a phenomenally good movie. I kept getting the feeling that most scenes were 2 or three rehearsals away from being nailed, or that the scenes that looked the best were chosen over the best performances.

Same for me with Doom.

Although having said that, Doom was saved (just about) by the first person perspective sequence. The game was pretty good because of the slowing down of time at certain points. Having seen all that in the Matrix and imitators, I’m not sure what Payne would offer.

I did think it was a film about the game having seen the trailer for the first time and not having heard that there was a film on the way.

Marky Mark

Offkenter’sbit was dead on, absolutely perfect. I’m surprised, though, that anyone thought the supernatural bit was real. This movie was so close to being really, really good that it’s a shame it was no more than OK.

But Rotten Tomatoes is way off on this one. It’s not bad. It’s just not really good. It’s OK to kill time.