Max Payne movie question (open spoilers)

I was going through some old threads and I ran into a discussion on the Max Payne movie and I suddenly remembered a piece of dialogue that I never understood.


It’s towards the end of the movie. Max is being led to his execution at the hands of his “friend” the ex cop and his lackey. They are going to kill him and throw him in the river.

It’s here that the bad guy reveals that he was the one that had Max’s wife and kid killed. He says it liberated him, since it made him realize that he could just get rid of all his problems in the same way.

The he says (paraphrasing):

“She was the first mistake that I could take care of, the second mistake was the baby.”

I didn’t understand that line then, and I’m not sure I understand it now. Was he insinuating that the baby was his and not Max’s? Nothing else in the movie addresses that. So it doesn’t seem like that was the case. What the hell did he mean by it? How was the baby a mistake/problem for him?