Maximum number of mathematicians in this joke

If the beerons are infinite in number, then no matter how small they each are, they occupy an infinite volume.

Finally! Enough beer for everyone! No more need to bogart. :wink:

The total amount of beer (Sigma) approaches 2 as a limit. That’s the only thing I remember from Calculus


beerium is one of the aleogens as are found in the 33rd column of the beeriodic table

Unfortunately, the equation for the American beerium is H2O (couldn’t get subscripts to work)

Use “H<sub>2</sub>O” for H2O

(which is no substitute for water)

Not quite… but it is like two people boffing in a canoe.

Snide comment does not apply to the many excellent microbrews made here.

Exactly! At 125 calories per 12 oz, it’s almost calorically the same as some light beers (Sam Adams light is 120; most lights are around 110) and less the the regular BudMillCoors products which are 140-150. And while it’s dark and has dark malt flavors, I dunno, to me it still tastes like an easy drinker. The only reason I could think of for calling it “chewy” is the nitro pour, and that I would describe more as “creamy” than chewy. It’s my usual choice for when I want to keep the calories down.

Harumph. I thought that’s what I tried. Maybe I used square brackets instead of angled.