Maximum storage time for non-refrigerated eggs

Americans aren’t the only people with an “Our way’s best – yours really sucks!” attitude but we have a lock on it.

Sure, I think it’s a feature/flaw of human nature in general, but in the specific context of trying to sanitise nature, I think you guys often take the lead

I read an article about the Islamization of Pakistan, that made much the same criticism. “If it’s not working, it’s because we aren’t Islamic enough.”

I think there’s an element of human nature that says we are right, and if that’s not evident, we must try harder.

Anyway, i thought the issue with salmonella in eggs was hens with infected ovaries, and washing doesn’t matter since there is salmonella inside when the egg is laid. And the US has a higher rate because we don’t make producers destroy a flock that’s producing infected eggs, instead, we tell consumers to cook the eggs. But i might be misremembering.

I think it’s both. Animal husbandry standards make it more likely to have salmonella inside the eggs, washing the eggs makes it more likely something (salmonella or otherwise) will get in there during storage.

Especially if you set out to solve a problem that is in evidence. The option ‘stop doing any of that (ineffective or worse) stuff’ seems like it equates to ‘don’t solve the problem’.

With days lengthening, our hens have begun laying. While I refrigerate eggs from the grocery store, our hen’s eggs are kept at room temperature. I prefer cooking with eggs at room temperature.

well, I must say, when I’ve collected fresh eggs, they are covered in chickenshit. So I understand the appeal of washing them.

For the CS eggs we usually wash them off and will refrigerate, and we will try to use those first. Otherwise, they sit in a bowl on the counter and get washed right before use. Plenty of straw for nesting seems to help that situation in the first place. Although when it rainy and wet out, we get the yucky eggs.

We keep our hen’s nests meticulously clean. The rare “dirty egg” goes to the dogs.

I keep meaning to test whether it’s true that room temperature eggs bake lighter cakes (with all other variables equal)

I make omelettes pretty often. I swear I can tell the difference between eggs at room temperature and those out of the refrigerator. The egg mixture sets more predictably and the finished texture is different/better.

I also keep meaning to do a blind taste test of organic small flock local eggs vs supermarket free range. I keep hearing that there is no objective difference in the taste, but I don’t think I am imagining the difference

Definite difference in both appearance and taste. I’ve made my gf breakfast and had her remark, “are we out of good eggs?”

As a lifelong American, it wouldn’t offend me a bit. I think you underestimate the wisdom in “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”. Sure, there is a lot of that type of thinking spouted on the internet from Americans. But it’s not my experience IRL. That type of thinking is not “prevalent” here. It’s just that those idiots have access to the world’s ear, via social media, and hence have come to represent how the world sees all of us.

I had a similar encounter with one of those very idiots last week. I had posted a cute video of my cat on Instagram. He responded with a lengthy screed about what a cruel insensitive jerk I was for making my cats wear bells around there necks. Didn’t I know that those things are not only ruining their hearing but it is sheer torture for them? The way this Londoner was going on, I should expect to see blood leaking out their ears any day now. People who live in London are all stupid, right? :wink:

What would offend me, if anything, is painting us with that broad brush.

Hey, who knows, maybe I’ll start a thread: “I don’t understand people who judge entire cultures by select social media comments by a few of their unhinged dum-dums”.

Nah, probably not…
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Oh, I certainly wouldn’t mean to broad brush the whole of America with this, but I don’t think I’m completely wrong in having observed a slight tendency to escalate something that isn’t working, coupled with a belief that the world is dirty and this can be resolved by increasing amounts of harsh chemicals.

For another example of the sort of thing I mean: Athlete's foot, help

I’m not saying that nobody else in the world might do a thing like this, only that I have observed a correlation.

From the link above:

I have been treating it with Lamisil, desenex powder, tinactin spray and white vinegar foot soaks.

Not to mention rubbing alcohol.

I half expected to read that the guy (has to be a guy) had turned to some more serious chemicals: Lysol? Bleach? Flamethrower?

I think he was adding extra stuff to clothes and shoes too, and the thrust of the question was very much of the nature ‘what else can I add to this regime?’

According to this paper, egg whites do exhibit a degree of antibiotic activity. Perhaps this is the reasoning behind rotating the eggs to keep the yolks from touching the inner shell.

Jon Townsend to the rescue, but where’s his technique of burying eggs in ground nutmeg?