May 2016: Former President George W. Bush, primarily remembered for ....

fill in the blanks … what will be a more historic p.o.v. of George W.???


. . . promotion of alternative energy. I’m serious. A lot of people are skeptical, but GW really seems to believe that alternative’s the way to go. And if it works, that will be his legacy.

Either that, or the whole “Iraq” thing.

Along with the manned Mars mission. :rolleyes:

Please, a month ago alternative energy wasn’t even on the RADAR, and in a month it will be off again. Bush will be remembered for 9/11, the war on terror, and Iraq.

I don’t really think that ten years (or eight, as it will be) is really long enough for a “historical perspective”. Unless US troops are still in Iraq and/or Iran at that time. Or, of course, there’s a nuclear exchange with China or North Korea.

And privatization of Social Security.


He at least **intended ** to privatize SS. He just failed at it. The manned Mars mission, on the other hand, like the alternative fuel initiative, was total hot air.

I’ve long suspected that George W. Bush’s true destiny is to replace Warren G. Harding as the national touchstone for Worst President Ever. I predict that in 2016 you’ll find few people who will even be willing to admit that they voted for him. By that point his deficit-spending bomb will have detonated, wrecking the economy. We will have abandoned Iraq to chaos, destabilizing the entire Middle in the process and East and driving the price of gas through the roof. And subsequent investigations will have revealed a level of cronyism and corruption in the White House that would have made U.S. Grant blush.

I think he will be most famous for having the personal courage to shake hands with the brave explorers from the planet Altair IV… and then promptly throw up on them.

It’s really hard to judge history while living it.

He will be remembered as the visionary who warned us a decade ago about the Human-animal hybrids that now terrorize terra firma.

Funniest post ever.

Good or bad (and I’m currently leaning towards ‘bad’) he will be remembered for the war in Iraq. That and perhaps 9/11. Reguardless of it it continues to spin out of control or if its ultimately a success, THAT is what he’ll be remembered for. The other things folks talk about will largely be forgotten.

I agree with those saying that 10 years isn’t nearly long enough though to judge one way or the other. Perhaps by 2056 (which I myself won’t be around for) there will be a non-partisan consensus among most serious historians as to GW and the times we live in. Trying to predict what that will be is futile as none of us REALLY knows whats going to happen from all this…or what all we are failing to see or whats obvious in retrospect, etc etc.


To be fair, he’s mentioned alternative energy in at least one other State of the Union address. But I don’t think much of anything came of it then, and I don’t think a lot will come of it now either. History may make him look very bad for that, but I don’t know.

What Bush is remembered for in ten years, I think, will be determined by what happens with Iraq and terrorism, and that could change even after he leaves office. Further into the future, I think that when he dies, he’ll be remembered mostly for responding to September 11.

Trading away Sammy Sosa.

May 2016: Former President George W. Bush, primarily remembered for …

…showing us that anyone can become President Of The United States.

Is he going alone?

He might be remembered for that. :smiley:

…bringing the United States of America to the edge of self-destruction.

People still remember the Great Depression and Hoover; if his economic insanity causes something like that, Iraq and 9-11 will probably just be footnotes.

He’s already remembered for Strategery.

In all seriously, though, I agree with XT. He’ll be remembered for the Iraq War, no matter what the outcome of that war is or if there is an outcome by 2016.

Does that mean we’re on The Eve of Destruction? :eek:

Take a look around you, boy!
It’s bound to scare you, boy!

I hope you aren’t holding your breath for this. You do realize that the economy is actually on an upswing right now…right? I hate to break this too you but there is very little chance that we will crash down into a Great Depression type event anytime in the foreseeable future. The closest thing we had to that was the IT Bubble that popped in 2000…and that was a pretty pale shadow. Not only that but Clinton seems to have skated away pretty well scott free since it didn’t really happen on HIS watch (ok, it kind of did but I’m sure you get the point). If we have a Great Depression during the next presidents term then HE (or she perhaps :)) will dance the music by and large.

How long was it before people thought about Johnson in any light save that of Vietnam? It certainly wasn’t 10 years. Ditto Nixon and Watergate…and it will be more than 10 years of perspective before Clinton and Blowjob aren’t in the forefront. Serious historians don’t even attempt to piece together a presidents actual legacy until far after a single decade has gone by. Hell, we are just getting the goods on the Founding Fathers! :wink: