May I ask a favour? (re: Chicago marathon)

I will be running my first marathon this weekend, the Chicago Marathon. I would like to record the televised coverage of the event, but I’m not from Chicago, nor do I have any cable/satellite service that carries CBS2-Chicago.

Can I prevail upon a PVR equipped Doper in the Chicago area to record the coverage for me? The schedule is:

Live race broadcast: 7:30 - 11:00 a.m. CST
Highlight Show: 10:35 p.m. CST

I can set up an FTP to transfer the files. Alternately I would be happy to pay for a DVD & shipping - plus a reasonable fee for time and effort.

I can’t help with the taping, but I want to wish you luck with you run! Try to enjoy it.

Thanks cmosdes! I’m getting nervouser and nervouser as the day approaches, but I’m confident (I hope)

I think this is more appropriate for MPSIMS than GQ.

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(slaps forehead) You’re right, of course… my apologies.

I’m nowhere near Chicago, so I can’t help you, but good luck!

If all else fails, have you considered contacting the TV station and making the same request?

And good luck on the run!!!

Dayum! Predicted mid-70s and partly sunny all weekend.
Take it SLOW and stay hydrated!

I tend to be about the most technologically impaired individual on these boards. And if I say I’ll tape this for you, chances are I’ll either forget or screw it up somehow. So I hopeHOPE someone else offers to do this for you.

But, on the outside chance I manage to get this stuff on tape for you, I’ll let you know.

Good luck.
What is your target time?
I ran it in '04.

The event website offers a personalized DVD.

Well, my longest run before tapering was 35 km, which I ran with an average pace of about 6:30 min/km. So I’m hoping I’ll finish under 5 hours. From all accounts, though, that last 7 km is unpredictable.

If the VCR gods smile upon you, I would definitely be grateful to see the tape :slight_smile: If not, I do appreciate the effort and the well-wishes!

I’m on their e-mail notify list when pictures of me are available. I may well spring the bucks to get them and/or the DVD. It’d be cool, though, to watch the broadcast coverage too - not on the slim hope I’d see myself (I doubt it) but just to see a larger perspective of the event than the one I’ll have huffing and puffing en route :slight_smile:

Not from my account. :stuck_out_tongue:
If you did the training, set a sensible pace and stick to it, the final miles are no tougher than any that came before.
The biggest problem I had in maintaining my pace was that Chicago is so damned crowded that I couldn’t run the first couple in anything faster than the pack’s pace. And the pack’s pace was slow - around 11 min/mile, due to hundreds of people starting further up than they should have.
The temps are a HUGE kicker tho. Last year (was that the hot one?) my old running partner - veteran of 10+ marathons - chalked up a DNF.

OP, since you asked for a “favour,” I’m guessing you’ll have to pay attention to what broadcasting standard is used. Any tape made here may not be playable at your location…make sure any DVD you buy will play as well.

What’s a PVR?

However I am certain there are places that can transfer a tape (though you’ll lose some quality) to suit the the setup where you are.

Are 70’s and sunny, like, a problem? For a marathon? Because it’s not like I have anywhere to train that isn’t going to be South Carolina, and to run mine in October I’ll be training when it doesn’t get lower than the high 80’s at 4AM, if then. Is that unsafe?

Stay hydrated, listen to your body, and it shouldn’t be a problem. And come the marathon you’ll be laughing at all the people who think it’s hot.

'Cause, you know, last year at Chicago it was, what, 85? There was a rumor that some thermometer said 92? Now, granted, they ran out of water, but have these people never seen the sun before? Here we only stop working too much outside when it gets over 105 or so.

Is my Canadian accent showing? We use NTSC up here - no PAL to be found.

I think it stands for “personal video recorder” It’s a device which records TV digitally. Some units can record straight to DVD. Mine’s a computer with a couple of TV tuner cards. It’s hooked up to my stereo/projector and running Vista Media Center. But that’s all another thread :slight_smile:

If anyone uses a VCR and literally tapes the broadcasts, I would be just as happy.

I’m admitting my incompetent luddite/caveman status, and you suggest there is actually an alternative to taping on a VCR?! :smiley:

I’m going to try to tape it anyway, as I have a 7:40 tee time. (Yeah, my wife and I are total geeks. But the marathon is just about the only sports we will watch on TV.) Have to set the timer (always an iffy proposition) and specify extended play as it will be over 2 hrs.

I’d put the odds of success right around 50/50.

Good luck! Run smart and stay strong.

So how’d you do?
Send me a PM. I have at least part of the broadcast on tape and the next day’s Trib with the results if you’d like it,.

(I wanted to reply sooner, but we didn’t get back home until late last night, and I’m now travelling for work - typing this in my hotel room)

It was fricken hot, but I made it! I was really hoping to come in under 5 hours, but alas, with the heat and some ankle pain towards the end my time was 5:33.

Some time around the 20 mile mark I said to myself, “I will never do this again!” But now that I’ve had a chance to let it all sink in, I am now looking forward to running Detroit next year. I’ll take what I’ve learned this time out to train smarter/better, and beat my time (shouldn’t be hard!)

Thanks again for the well wishes. Dinsdale I’ll reply to your PM.