May I Ask about Life Insurance?

As you know I am about to be married. I am in need of low-cost life insurance. (Whole Life? or the other one?)

The trick of course is to buy from a company that is safe, but that does not use salesmen. No need to pay a commission after all.

Such a question would (I hope) end up with people pointing me toward a web site or company. Would such a question be permitted?

Well I wasn’t aware you were getting married, but my personal recombination would be unum.

I have 850,000. coverage with them – some term, some whole life, and by purchasing it in smaller increments I’ve been able to avoid a physical.

That is a good thing. And I know my wife will be dialed in for her life.

Yes. Ask in IMHO.

Since there’s a thread in IMHO I’ll close this one.