May I brag?

I’m quite proud of myself right now. Not because of the paper I have due first thing tomorrow morning; that’s nowhere near completion.

No, the cause of my happiness is today is the last day of my college library’s annual book sale. On the last day, they let you fill up bags, three bucks a bag. They’re also pretty generous, so if you’ve got a bag that’s on the verge of overflowing, they’ll only charge you for that one, not the extra. They’ve got two rooms filled with tables, many still filled today. They had an entire room of fiction, and three full tables of political science. I’m a politics geek. That made me happy.

I paid: $6.00. I got: 30 books, all but six of them hardcover. Including one very nice, perfect condition, leather bound book of historical biographies.

I’m happy right now. :smiley:

Good for you.

Very cool!

Sounds like a book lover’s dream.

Sweet! I love finding great deals like that, especially on books.

A few months ago, I snagged a whole pile of books for very cheap. Caught a garage sale near the end – one of those done as a benefit for some organization, where the stuff is usually donated. Guy let me have “whatever you can put in that box” for $3. Had 50 books (paperbacks) in the box. The next week, I hit another garage sale where I got a shopping bag (large paper bag) full of books for $1 (a few hardbacks in that batch).

Of course, my backlist of “books waiting to be read” is getting rather long. I need more bookshelves. (Or perhaps a bigger house. ;))

Oooh, do you like to sniff them like I d-… uhh, I mean, like a friend of mine does?


Ok, maybe that is a bad idea.

You may indeed brag because that’s incredibly awesome! There’s a running gag in my family that the boys hunt deer and the girls hunt bargains, I can remember the exact price of a great bargain find years later, it’s utterly satisfying.

I’m awed that such sales exist, wanna give me a hand moving this rock I’ve been living under?

Bwah! Generally, hard objects with sharp corners, not so good to throw.

NinjaChick, have you been to Albuquerque yet? Specifically, have you seen “The Pit” where the Lobos play basketball?

If you have, this is eaiser to imagine. Even if you haven’t, just know that it’s a baketball staduim.

Once a year, the Albuquerque Friends of the Library would but on a book sale much like you describe, and on the last day books were ~$1/bag. And this sale filled the entire top part of the stadium. It was quite possibly my favorite day of the year.

It was a sad, sad day when I found out they stopped holding that sale.

Mmmmm . . . books.

There’s nothing like a fat stack of books. Indeed, you have every call to brag. Bravo!

Well, shit. BlueKangaroo, that last line just ruined my nefarious plans to fly to Albuquerque for that sale. I could spend a week going through bookstores.

Yes. It ruined a lot of my plans too.

Stupidheads. :: pout ::

I haven’t been there myself, but several of my friends have. That sounds like the most excellent thing ever.

The only bad things about the sale here were I then had to carry three bags full of books up several flights of stairs to my dorm. In the snow. And I’ve developed, apparently, the uncanny ability to step outdoors, and thereby cause it to start blizzarding. When I reenter a building, the weather immediately clears.

Pff! Those ar the best kind of things to throw!