May I vent about a tough year?

I know I have it better than most people out there–which is why I rarely talk to people about the things I’m struggling with, but I feel like I need to get all of this off my chest. I’m not going to go into tons of specifics (feel free to ask questions though). Thanks for indulging me.

A little over a year ago, my wife of 11 years left suddenly and without giving a reason. 3 kids involved.

A few months later I found out that she was with my best friend since age 16. He had stopped hanging out with me not long after she left, so I had my suspicions. Tough to lose the two people I was closest to in one blow.

Last winter I found out that another very close friend (we were in each other’s weddings, went to high school and college together, etc…) found out that his 8 year old son had a rare form of cancer. He’s been in and out of treatment since, and they recently gave him just a matter of months to live.

While I was coaching track last spring, our head coach died suddenly over the weekend. He was only 53 years old. This was a truly great man. He was like a father to me. He got me started in coaching, his wife watched my kids when they were young, during meets, when we couldn’t afford a sitter. He would often pay for my meals after meets as well. It was so hard to take a group of young people through such a tragedy.

Just a few weeks ago, I got a call from my sister telling me that Mom was going to the doctor, as she thought she had a hernia. They ran a battery of tests and discovered lesions on her bones. Turns out that she has bone cancer. Prognosis at this point isn’t encouraging.

I keep telling myself that things are going to get better soon–but they just haven’t yet, and that is incredibly frustrating. I still have much to be thankful for, so I’m trying to stay as positive as possible.

“When you are going through hell, keep going.”-Winston Churchill

I picked that up from the boards last night.
That sucks for you, but what can you do? Lay down and quit? It sounds like there are plenty of people that can use you help right now. Focus on doing the best you can, live in the moment and keep going. I’ve been through some long shitty periods myself and eventually the sun comes back out. When that happens its good to look back and see that you didn’t give up and let someone down. That said, take care of yourself: eat right, sleep enough and exercise. Life will move on and get better. I’m sure others will be along soon with even better advice.

That is truly a sucky year. I hope things get on the upswing for you soon.


I am sorry to hear your news. Sending supporting thoughts your way!

This has been my worst year, too. I lost my dad in August to lung cancer, and had to have my horse (that I’d had for 22 years) euthanized in Feb. Other things have been downers, too, and I hope the wind changes or something and things start getting better. I hope things start to go better for you, too.

Wow that sucks. I like your username btw. ::man-hugs::

Oh man, that really sucks.

I hope things get better for you.

And yes, your username is awesome.

Thanks for the username props, and for the good wishes.

[I’m sorry to hear your news and I hope things get better soon, wishing you good luck .

Damn. That really sucks. I’m sorry.

I had a year like that a couple ago - my uncle Howard died right around midnight on New Year’s Eve, my grandfather died on January 2, my aunt was diagnosed with lung cancer in January that killed her in July, and a few months later my uncle was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor that killed him that December. We also had several family friends die that year. My dad says it’s because I didn’t eat my New Year’s collards.

I know it isn’t very good comfort to you now, but it definitely gets better - it pretty much has to, you know? I hope it gets better a lot sooner than later for you.