Maybe another forum?

Limericks, Poems, stories and such usually fall under the MPSIMS banner. Criticism of literature goes there as well, or gets bounced betwen IMHO and GD qith a few heading towards GQ.

It occurs to me that a literary forum would tighten up the segmentation of the board, by pulling these all into one spot.

Having a seperate forum might also enhance the quality of literary posts the board’s been seeing.

I have no idea about feasability or desirability, but thought I’d make the suggestion.

While in general those who visit both boards are chary of doing any comparison of Fathom (OpalCat’s board) to SDMB, it might be worth your while to observe the Humanities forum over there (remembering that there is a much smaller membership). Link is

It might give the admins. here some sense of how active such a board might be – probably the most pertinent question in deciding whether one is warranted.

Though I’ve noticed that SD avoids boards classed by subject matter in favor of classing by posting style: Questions and comments related to Cecil’s columns, the SDSAB manifestos, and not are three forums; opinions on general topics another; arguments on weighty issues; matters dealing with how the board operates; complaints and rants about the board, other posters, and life in general; and everything left over. This would constitute an argument against such a forum.

I think there should be a whole Forum devoted entirely to the greatness that is me. Me me me. All me. Nothing but me, the Great and Malignant SPOOFE. Then all you worms can bow down before me and bestow upon me the greatest gift of all… RAM chips. Nothing smaller than 256 megs of PC-133, thank you very much.

Well, okay, seriously (gasp! I’m being serious!)… I don’t think that a new forum would be necessary. I mean, each forum is supposed to serve a general need for the Board (except the two “Comments” forums). You can start subdividing either of the forums into smaller, more-specific sections without ever getting anywhere. I mean, why not TWO Pits, one for rants about your day-to-day life, and another for complaints about other posters or the Administration? Or why not THREE Pits… the third can be complaints of a political nature?

Bingo, and very astute. The topic is just the starter. This place has elevated (?) thread drift to an art form. Discussion is life-blood for SDMB. The key is letting the discussion go where it wilt (and some wilt easily) then shifting as appropriate. It’s subjective and imprecise, but ultimately very workable. Kinda exhilarating, actually. It’s very “poster driven”. Broad categories are assigned upfront but discussions can–and do–roam where their internal coherence dictate.

In fairness, some high-traffic “hot button” topics may be shuffled to one spot just to conserve resources. No point turning our overloaded server into a charred, smoking pile of rubble while we independently chip away at our square wheels.

Not to poop sneakily on your idea, Scyllagad it was fun zinging that in!–but I’m not sure even Doper-produced lit would stay in one place for long. There have been ::ominous music swells:: precendents that have splashed all over the Pit and gone.


Oh, dang, drat, spit, curses and POOH!
I meant precedents and that yowling, orange-faced smiley just slithered in through the cracks like a cockroach.

Retiring w/ very little dignity left,