Maybe I read too many serial killer accounts...

…but this part of the arrest of Derrick Lee caught my eye:

“Motel residents described him as a charming ladies’ man who spent his time talking, drinking and grilling meat…” (emphasis mine)

Where did he get the meat? (shudder!)

I thought cannibalistic murders were incredably rare.

Anyhoo, the thing you have to remember… The only way to BECOME a serial killer is to be someone nobody suspects and to be careful enough you can commit several murders without leaving enough evidence to be caught right away.

So Jim Bob Jones so spends all day staggering around drooling talking about how he wants to eat the livers of all men 5’8" with brown hair, green eyes and no more than 6 freckles on the right cheek probably will be picked up shortly after the first person matching that description is found dead without a liver.

Sometimes the only reason a pattern is there, is because external forces promote that collection of characteristics.