Mayonaise Party!

Inspired by a brief exchange with my boy:

Setup: I’m getting out the mayo to whip up some tuna salad and the boy pokes his head in the fridge. I wield a spatula laden with white wobbly goodness and ask:

“What if I covered you in mayo?”
“Then I’d be yummy!”

Well I simply must share with those precious few dopers who are amused by such things, and so it with extreme satisfaction that I present to all and sundry, a number of spatulae and one humongous vat each of mayonaise, Miracle Whip and, for the fetishists, tartar sauce.

Careful not to get any in your eyes!

  • SpllloorrttCH *

Yay! Now I’m yummy!

I know what we’re going to do today!

The greatest thing in the world is an MLT - mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe, and a dab of Miracle Whip. Mmmmm… so perky; I love that.

Ah, but do you make the mayo yourself?

No that’s … um, juffo-wup. Different thread.

  • slathers Quartz in olive oil mayo *

::streaks through thread nekkid::

<Slathers a conveniently located Slip 'N Slide with mayo>


I did!