Mayor of Seattle City Dump has Died

Chris Wedes, aka J.P. Patches, has died.
Like most children in the northwest who grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, I was a “Patches Pal” and watched his morning show five days a week, every week without fail. He never used a script, but he was always on the mark with layers of humor for both kids and adults.

My kids grew up with him too. His show was entertaining, even for adults.

Losing J.P. and Ichiro in the same week – sad days for Seattle.

Sad-I thought there might be more Patches’ Pals out there.

I don’t really have any business in this thread since I was a member of KING’s Klubhouse (not only did it predate J.P. by several years, but being raised on Spike Jones and Art Carney’s nonsense songs made me more susceptible to Stan’s schtick).

That said, being a Patches Pal isn’t a prerequisite for sadness. He was a part of all our childhoods, and we are all poorer for his passing. Fare the well, J.P., and condolences to Gertrude.

I’ve been busy. I was looking for a birthday present hidden in the clothes dryer.

A couple of treats for you, then.

We moved to the Seattle area in 2001, so obviously we missed the heyday, but I’m curious; we both remember hearing something like this a year ago. Did he take ill then and he just now passed?

I think he was mentioned in a thread about children’s show hosts.

I didn’t know Patches, as I didn’t grow up in the Seattle area. But I think I know how former kids feel at his passing.

I did grow up in Topeka, Kansas, and we had Whizzo the Clown, out of Kansas City. I adored the show as a child, and sent him buttons for his coat. When Frank Wiziarde died, my mother sent me a copy of the newspaper article, and I actually cried.

I hope Esmeralda is still going strong. :slight_smile:

I loved her laugh.