Mazda 9 air conditioner problem

Hello Everyone,
We own a 2007 Mazda 9 that has recently be doing something very strange. When I shut off the car the air conditioner fan stats blowing and stays on for a few minutes. This happens regardless of the fan being on or off prior to turning the key off. Then the key back to in and the fan stops blowing (if it was turned off). This is strange. Any idea whysit’s doing this?

What precisely do you mean by air conditioner fan? Is it in the engine compartment, blowing across the A/C condenser? Or do you mean the blower motor inside the cab, blowing through the ducts used for heat, defrost, vent, and A/C?

I was confused by the mention of “air conditioner fan” thinking you meant the condenser fan by the radiator, but I’m guessing you mean the blower motor inside the car? i.e. the same fan that’s used for the heater?

If so, see the service bulletin: TSB 07-003/11 2007-2010 CX-9 - BLOWER MOTOR STAYS ON AFTER KEY OFF.

You’ll need 2 new relays, part #L1Y1-67-730. They’re about $4-5 each.

It’s the blower motor inside the cab, pushing air through the vents

core got it already. Known problem, and their is a tech service bulletin (TSB) on this, with boring details:


Thanks everyone